What's in my mailbox, #1


It is not a secret for anyone, that not only I get quite a few products to try out in exchange of an honest review, but I am also a sworn shopaholic, who likes to cheer herself up by buying stuff. And sometimes, it just so happens, that things run out at the same time, and I need to fill up my stash. Or the offer is too good to pass. While in the hospital, I authorized my friend to pick up my packages, and yesterday she came with and dropped quite a few. So I thought why not to try to introduce new category in my blog, and once in a while show you, what I got, especially, if amount of products aren't enough to make a separate haul. Let me get out of the way, that one of the packages were from iherb, but I will make a separate post on that.

HQhair was having a 20 percent off site wide, and I have always wanted to check out Sukin brand, so I grabbed their face scrub, as well as a mist/toner. The scrub will be going to my stash for now, so I will visit it back later on. Meanwhile, mist smells very herbal, mostly rose and chamomile one, and reminds me more of hydrosol than a proper toner. Anyone has an idea where I can get my hands on a natural, no alcohol toner? Please let me know.

As we all know, it had to happen earlier or later, my will power has gone bellow zero, when PHB beauty launched their fifty percent off sale on certain products, and it was my chance to finally try it out. I got brightening mandarin and papaya cleanser, and rosemary and lavender body wash.

And last, but not least, I wanted to try out something from a Lithuanian online store I haven't heard of before, puretouch.lt , and they kindly agreed to send me their Facial Polish, which intrigued me a lot, mandarin and chamomile is an interesting choice, and I can't wait to see how it performs.

Have you bought something exciting recently? Do you have your favorite natural online store? Please don't hesitate to leave comments down bellow :).

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