Sunday specials on a Monday: life saver


Did you know that your favorite haircare products suddenly stop working when you change environments? Be it holidays, or shower in the hospital. I have been testing out Eubiona shampoo in different scent, but not only it made my hair into an untangle-able mess, it dried out my scalp and made it all itchy. I was so angry at the shampoo, until we got talking with other girls and it turned out, it is water, not the shampoo.

However I did put aside Eubiona shampoo and with aching heart am using Garnier. Anyhow, despite the long introduction, I am not here to talk about shampoo, but about another haircare item, which helped me to fix my hair that was about to get so tangled I would have needed a hairdresser.

- As you probably figured, it is not a natural product, although its called Natura Silk. It is by the brand Marion. There are 2 types: one for color treated hair and one for normal. I will be reviewing one for color treated hair.

- To start with, it has rather pleasant, not over synthetic smell;

- The bottle has a pump, making it really easy to dose;

- It will last you for ages, since you only need two drops on each side of your hair;

- It is very easy to dispense all over your hair and it does miracles;

- You hair becomes very easy to brush, it slides straight through your knots and evens them. It gives you shine and your hair looks like it has been looked after a lot.

- It is very affordable (I paid 1.9EUR);

- You can see the effect immediately as well.

So as you can see, this is a rather divine product, and if you are tired of tangled hair, and don't mind some silicons in your hair care products, I strongly recommend you try it.

Do you have any Holy Grail status hair care item? Am I missing out on something? Do let me know in comments bellow.

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