Uoga uoga: cranberry flood review

Hello again! Are you still alive after all this heat and full moon? It might be my weird prejudice, but I do feel worse. But despite that, I am really trying not to disappoint you and write as many posts as I can. Even if it means waking up at 4am and blogging just around six. :)

Uoga Uoga brand shouldn't be new to you if you have read my blog, since I raved about their lip balm as well as face mask, they are still my go to products which I will always repurchase.

So it is not much of a surprise, I guess, that this is yet another rave on the brand, this time their body butter with cranberries. It is rather challenging, at least for me, to find a natural body lotion, which I enjoy. Uoga Uoga Cranberry Flood hits close to home. It is not perfect, but I enjoy it a lot.

I honestly wished it had stronger cranberry scent, but since it consists mostly of coconut oil, it also smells mainly of coconut. I swear, I also smell vanilla, despite the fact, it is not in the ingredients list. I don't mind that and find the scent rather pleasing. The consistency reminds me of a hard edible butter, but upon contact with skin, it melts. You need just a few tiny applications in order to cover whole of your body. It hydrates skin very well, especially if your skin is very dry and itchy. The only thing I have to notice, in a perfect world, I would like it to be the consistency of whipped cream. It does leave some of residue though, so I'd advice using it at night time. Also, in the summer it is highly advised not to store it on hot surfaces, e.g. windowsill or hot bathroom, simply due a fact, that it can melt, and become liquid. But other than that, and being quite difficult to get your hands on : I had to go to the store at least five times before they had it, I would recommend you try it.

Do you have your favorite natural body butter? Whats your favorite scent? Do let me know :)

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