Woman how many lip balms do you need?; #2 (aka Filthy Farmgirl haul)


You know what? Being in hospital sucks. The fact, that they can't find how to treat my illness sucks even more. Sometimes I feel like giving up, and I have a lot of days, where I run out of spoons before 11 am. Doctors advice to spend a little bit more time in bed and try to rest. But it is driving me crazy, because I want to do things, I want to live life, and not have energy for that drains me morally and physically.. I need to pull myself together a lot to not spend all my money online. I should probably go on a spending ban, and save money, but since that's the only thing helping me survive, I am not sure. Anyhow, all this long and boring introduction just so I can justify yet another haul. Although this was bought before hospital.

You have probably noticed, that I sometimes write about companies, people haven't heard of before. This is actually my cup of tea, and I love introducing indie companies to my readers. So let me proudly present you Filthy Farmgirl soaps and lip balms. I have way too many lip balms I can use up in this life, but I can't help and get more and more if I get an opportunity. When I stumbled upon this page, I simply had to get a few things to try out, so I got two small pieces of soap and two lipbalms, and the owner generously threw two more for me to test. However, I opened the package in the hospital, which turned to having to share, so the Coconut Smoochie and Filthy Unicorn went away. So did the Lavender Peppermint. Now I am only left with Banana Smoochie :(.. I am still in mourning for the unicorn one, because that was the main reason I made the whole order. Oh well, I guess I am gonna have to make one more order...

On to actual products, the first thing you notice, is how good they smell. The Banana smoochie smells straight up as pureed bananas, and it takes some will not to take a bite out of it. It is also really hydrating, and has very pleasant smell to it. Lavender and Peppermint is a very brave combination and I probably wouldn't have picked it on my own, but I was surprised. It is really minty, but not too much, and if you are mint lover, consider getting it. Ingredients are quite simple, and similar on each lipbalm, however, it is 100percent natural.

I haven't used soaps yet, but I love how they look, and it is the perfect size in my eyes, it will be finished before you use it up and get bored of the scent. Have you ever heard of Filthy Farmgirls? Which scent would you like to try? Do let me know in the comments bellow!

P.S. keep in safe distance from friends, siblings and coworkers, as experience showed, they are very easily "stolen". OOOPS.

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