Belated Mini Scotland haul: beauty and candles

Hello guys!

So its been a while since I am back home, and although I miss Stumble Puppy terribly, it is time for me to get back to blogging business and try to stick with 6 weekly posts. I hope no holidays nor hospitals will interfere this time. Ahem, I shouldn't have typed that..I am not sure, when this post will come up (I am gonna schedule it), but I will be in the hospital at that time..

I am sorry if anyone of you saw the post, which automatically went on the blog today, despite being unfinished, can we please pretend that didn't happen?

I really like hauls, they are, in fact, one of my favorite type of posts or videos to read or watch, therefore let me introduce you to belated, but nevertheless interesting (I hope!) beauty haul.

I wasn't going to buy much in Scotland, except for an onesie (which I did get) and Liz Earle cleanser (I totally failed!), , but sometimes things don't go as planned. As you know, I found something, which helped me to achieve the almost desired red color, so I had to pick up that. I couldn't help, but pick up the same brand bleach as well, hoping, that it would help me get my hair even brighter. I have wanted bright orange ends forever, so I had to pick it up as well, now I only need to build the courage and figure out how to do it.

Although we do have some Yankee candles in Lithuania, assortment is quite poor, so it is safe to say, I had to drag Stumble Puppy to every and each Yankee Store we crossed. So obviously I had to pick up few items, and for some reason I leaned towards pie like scents.

Then we went to my favorite candle store, The Skye of Isle candle company, and it would have been a crime to leave without any candles, so the two I picked up, were Pimento and Cranberries, and Pomegranate and Plum. I do plan making a separate post on those, if you are interested.

I also picked up a bunch of magazines, and the one I am most excited about, is Mollie makes blogging, since I was sure it is not sold anymore. I was also very happy to see, that the magazines came with natural hand creams, one from Dr. Organic (which I love, by the way) and another from Neal's Remedy. Can't have too many hand creams, can you?

I totally meant to pick up Liz Earle cleansing polish, but I forgot, and then I thought I would pick it up in airport, but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaayy tooo chaotic for that, because there was a chance for me not fitting on a plane (ahhh, the beauty of travelling on standby ticket), but I eventually made it. :)

So that was all I got in Scotland, since I am saving money till August, when my best friend will be coming visit me all the way from America. So excite! If you do get the reference, please stay around for longer? :)

I hope you enjoyed the mini haul, have you bought anything recently?

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