Iherb haul, #2

Hello there!

Even though this year is very generous for me hospital wise, I am trying to type up as many blog posts I can before hand to put them on auto scheduling, so I don't disappear for months again. I will also be taking my laptop to the hospital and hope to god, I will be allowed to use it, otherwise someone will have to provide me with endless supplies of books. Any volunteers?

Anyhow, ages ago, in fact I can even tell you the exact date: the second week of March, Iherb hosted Aubrey Organics among the super specials brands, so I really wanted to pick up couple of things. It just so happened, that it got stuck in customs and I didn't get until last week, props to Lithuanian customs, and I might have even got a refund for it... Oh well, this just means more stuff for me to review, and if it continues on the same speed, I won't get my second order til August. Anyhow, I personally like watching or reading other person's haul, so I thought you might enjoy it as well.

Since I really didn't need much else, the whole lot consists of Aubrey Organics. I usually liked their shampoos, so I picked up for dry hair, because those ends are driving me crazy. I also picked up mini size of a different shampoo, totally on the premise of vanilla and ginger, you can't resist that, can you? The calming therapy serum has been in my wishlist for at least half a year, so needless to say, I had to grab it and try it out. Is it any longer a secret on this blog, that I love raspberries? Raspberry lip balm is a must in at least one of my purses, and I am sure I have an opened one somewhere, so this will be going to my stash. I feel like the biggest challenge when making a transition is to find good, pigmented and long lasting natural lip glosses, so I was really excited to try it out, however it is very sheer, but it might just be good for those days when you want to look a bit prettier without a ton on makeup on your face.

You don't have to, but if you are a new customer and use code CJK626 , you can get five dollars of your first purchase, or if it exceeds 40$, 10$ off. However, Lithuanians beware, with our customs we can only buy up to 22Eur excluding shipping, if you don't want to pay taxes.

Do you use iherb? Have you bought anything worth mentioning recently? Do let me know!

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