Douglas makeup lesson*

Hello guys!

Probably not many of you know, that I finished makeup for yourself courses last summer, and meanwhile I got some information and some skills, I still stick to BB cream, mascara and lipgloss routine, not matter whether it is a day or night look. I guess I just don't feel confident enough in myself to create looks with eyeshadows, and we all know, it one thing to know the theory, and another to apply it to practice. So I can't tell you how beyond excited I was, when presented with opportunity to visit one of Douglas makeup lessons and see whether it is worth your time. To be honest with you, I didn't expect much, however ended up achieving and getting to know so much.

Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised with mostly high end products being used in a lesson, such as Clinique, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Lancome, Artdeco and others.

Secondly, we have been guided thoroughly through the steps of not only removing your makeup, but also cleansing your face the right way, and even though I was sure my face was clean, the cotton pad still caught up so much residue. I haven't been an idiot and lost all my notes, I would guide you step by step, but sadly you might just have to go and see for yourself. I was really impressed by the quality of Barbara Hoffmann makeup brushes, which we used, and it is Vegan! I would consider giving those a go.

Then of course, we have been very clearly and in good quality guided through how you prime your face, how you apply powder, and all other basic steps, which you might know from theory, but getting to try it out here and there, makes a huge difference.

I usually avoid wearing eyeshadows, but now I am on a hunt on those perfect natural ones, I can wear to work, because the technology we have been introduced to, is really simple and totally relates to the "Daytime look". Of course, we had mini tips and tricks, and secrets from the makeup artist Julija, which I purposely won't be given away to waken up your curiosity to see for yourselves :P

I was very surprised, how many attention was given to each of us it could have, of course been due the fact, that there were only two of us, but every technique would be shown on one half of our face, and we would have to repeat it on the other. I have not ever felt confident sharing my face on this blog, but once in a while the nature of the blog requires so, so you can see what I turned up looking like. And those perfect curls held from the last evening :)..

In my eyes, this lesson was very usefull and I have never felt so much in ease with makeup, and if not unfortunate circumstances, I would be running to the next avalaible one. Now the lesson does cost 30EUR, however you get to redeem them towards makeup either on the spot, or, if you need to think, you can get it put on the gift card, which is valid for the next half of the year. For those, who are curious, here you can find all the products, which has been used.

With all my heart I am saying, that it was one of the best makeup lessons I went to, and I am not saying that just because it was complimentary, I really enjoyed the evening and would highly recommend it to anyone. In fact, I would be running to next one if not the circumstances, but you will hear more about that in my Health section of the blog.

Hope you week is going to be more pleasant than mine, enjoy it!

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