Sunday specials: Giraffe juices and smoothies*

Good morning guys!

As you know, I am highly addicted to caffeine. In fact the lack of it, gives me headache and makes me snappy. However, I realize it is not too healthy for you, and sometimes my stomach gets upset after drinking coffee, so I keep trying looking for a healthier alternative. I have been addicted to Bluebird's Coffee Puerh, but it wasn't working headache wise.

I have been thinking about a juice presser for quite a while now, but it just seems so much work, maybe not the pressing part, but thinking about cleaning the mess afterwards make me cringe. So I was very happy, when the opportunity arisen to try healthy Giraffe juices, I just had to take it.

I got four bottles, three of them being smoothies, and a larger one being juice. It doesn't work as coffee replacement for me, but it makes a perfect snack. It is quite rare nowadays to find natural products, without any additives, and that it is one of the things Giraffe can be proud off. Second thing, which left me really impressed, was the taste, because even smoothie, which contained 1/3 of apple juice, which I am not a fan of, was drunk with pleasure. My foster kitten sends greetings too, he found it yummy and just had to lick the cap off. Giraffe juices have no added sugar nor water, so its basically pure fruit in a bottle, making it easy to add to you or your kid's lunch box. This also was my life saver, when I had that infection, since I was strictly on liquid foods, so it was not only yummy, but nutritious as well.

The only thing, which I can constructively criticize the brand on, is the availability. Granted, you can find their products in the selected list of shops, but I missed the opportunity to be able to order online, since sometimes you can't/don't want to leave the house.

Do you have your favorite healthy drink? Is it easily available? Please do let me know in the comment section down bellow.

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