Douglas Beauty nights: Opening evening

When I lived abroad quiet often i visited various beauty events on regular basis , and although occasionally I would hear about one or the other's brand consultation, I don't feel like our stores have developed the concept well enough. However, very popular Lithuanian store Douglas seems to be catching the vibe and starting to organize various events. In fact, today they had an opening for Douglas Beauty nights, which would be taking place every Thursday from 18 to 22. You can sign up to get your hair done or the makeup, or both - its totally up to you. And then you can go out and party, I think I heard someone say that Thursdays are new Fridays, or as I did in my case, get back to your kitten and write a blog :). Anyhow, as a faithful blogger I had to be there and try it out on my own. Originally I only signed up to get my hair done, because there were no slots for makeup left, but Douglas makeup artist Sarunas Zukauskas was kind enough to take me on an empty spot, despite being really tired, I am really grateful for that.

What would party be without the refreshments, right? I did help myself to a glass and a piece of macaroon and regretting for not taking two :)

I don't know about you, but I always feel envious when I see makeup artist with those little portable makeup stations, I would like one as well, please.

You can't have party without any music, can you? Douglas took care of that as well with a DJ, whose name I could have totally asked.

I was totally planning to insert before and after pictures, but to be honest with you, I totally don't feel comfortable doing that yet, so you can only see me enjoying a glass of wine as well as a selfie on Gediminas avenue, and I am quite embarrassed to say, but this might or might not be my first ever selfie...

So, if you find yourself watching the same episodes of your favorite series all over again, why not try something different and go try out their makeup looks or hair styling. I personally had a nice evening to myself and right now I have a kitty which is protesting very loudly, that I am blogging and not playing with her, so I gotta go.

Hope you enjoyed the post, I know it was something different, but you need to go out of your comfort zone once in a while. Do you have beauty events in your country? Do you go often? As always, don't forget to let me know :).

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