Unique places, #1: You&Oil cosmetics


I don't know about you fellow bloggers out there, but in my head a little blogger is always working and I can see a potential post in almost everything. Note to myself: ALWAYS have your camera, especially, when you pick it up and put it back thinking you won't need it. As you probably understood, it turned out, I so much did. I was running around minding my own small businesses, and trying not to mind the migraine (someone invent something please, soon I won't be able to afford paying 10EUR for 2 pills, which might not even work..), and for my huge surprise, I stumbled onto a You&Oil stand in Centro Pasazas mall, Gediminas avenue 16. And instead of actually being like a normal shopper and having a look around, I had to introduce myself and take photos. Because maybe there are more of us out there, living under the rock, who has no knowledge of the new place to buy and try and smell those products and have a chat with a lovely assistant, who is very educated on the subject, but whose name I totally forgot to even ask.

So apparently my phone have totally failed on focusing and I can't use my overview photo of how lovely the beauty corner looks like at all (any Iphone representatives out there??), and if not the terrible headache, I would be marching back there and retaking the photo. At least the other bits were slightly more successful, albeit not perfect, it might have been my shaky hands, but if you are not going to judge, they are provided for your viewing pleasure bellow :).

I know, I know, let's just call that art..

Totally out of focus miracle oils..

Not only finding "the store" surprised me, I was also taken back by how many new things they released since I heard about them for the first time, such as hair care products, lip balms and essential oils for various conditions, such as sleep dysfunction, anxiety, headache (gimme gimme) or even that time of the month.

They even have special oil blend for the skin, which might have become lazy, which I find such a cool idea, since sometimes your skin really doesn't know what it wants, and stops producing sebum or strips itself out and drives you crazy, when you can't find its needs and the right product to use. This one does sound like a Holy Grail product, which should be in everyone's bathroom cabinet. I find their products looking really interesting and promising and I am very curious to try out couple of them in the future.

What do you think about using oils in your skincare routine? Is there any particular product you would like me to review? Do let me know in the comments bellow, I love discussing with my readers and would like to see more of your engagement :).

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