Ecodenta: 2in1 toothpaste with cranberry extract*


Once again i am coming to you with a confession. I have a panic fear of the dentists. Anxiety levels raises only with a thought of them, so naturally I leave it to the last minute (I know, i know..) Once I am back from Scotland, I promise I will make an appointment. Pinky promise. The cheek infection thing took care of it.. I guess it was meant to happen.

Anyhow, due to fear of dentists, I often end up with very sensitive teeth, and even bleeding gums. When I started my natural products journey, I obviously started looking at natural toothpastes as well. When I started talking with Biok representatives, I didn't expect to get the whole range of their toothpastes, as the biggest reason of me contacting them, was not being able to find the cinnamon one anywhere in the shops.. I am not complaining, in theory I won't need any more toothpaste for a year or so, but sometimes the blogger in the wakes up and I need something which is on at that moment. So let me introduce you to the start of my journey with getting to know their range with the 2in1 refreshing toothpaste with cranberry extract.

I took it with me in the hospital and used it, until something funny happened to it. Not to go into details, but let me just say, that someone from the next room used it as a soap..Yup..Yes, i bought a brand new package so I can make pretty pictures.. that's blogger's life for you...

Someone sign me up for photography courses, please..

To go into details about the toothpaste, it is Lithuanian origin and it is always a plus in my mind. It is slightly pink in color, so perfect for those moods where you feel a girlish girl, and need some pink in your life. With nontraditional non-minty toothpastes, you always expect it either taste weird, or lack the freshness. Neither is the case of this Ecodenta toothpaste. It has gentle, but pleasant taste, it helps bleeding gums to become less sensitive and leaves your mouth nicely refreshed. I will have continued using it with pleasure if were there any left, but the new tube is going into my stash for now..

Do you have your favorite natural toothpaste? Is there any on your wishlist? Do let me know in the comment section down below!

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