Faith in Nature: Pineapple and Lime Shampoo*

Hello guys!

I am so sorry to have disappeared for so long again, but as the faith has it, I got quite sick - cheekbone infection is no fun at all, so I had to be put on the killer dose of painkillers and antibiotics, and although in my mind I have always been blogging, I simply couldn't handle it physically. This time I am pushing the posh blogger image, and came to a cafe to try to work. According Stumble Puppy, all is missing, is Starbucks cup and an Apple. At least I got a macaroon. As long as I can do any blogging, I am happy.

If I was Instagram handy, I would insert a fancy photo here, but since I am nowhere close to it, you are going to have to take my word for it that it is delicious. I don't know whether this is summer affecting me, or just my mood in general, but recently when choosing scents, I tend to go to tropical ones. So it is no wonder, that, when given an opportunity to try Faith in Nature shampoo, I chose Pineapple and Lime one.

And let me tell you, this is a perfect choice if:

- you want your hair to smell yummy and out of this world, do go for it;

- you need to beware of SLS (I do ever since going red) and none of Faith of Nature shampoos contain that;

- you want a shampoo that it foams up quite well as comparison to other natural shampoos;

- you want your hair to be cleansed from any build up products you might have;

- you want a shampoo which gives a little bit of shine.

However, my hair is a little bit problematic, so if used on its own without any conditioners, it leaves tangled mess, so I would say that a conditioner is a must in combination with this shampoo. But in general, if you are only making a natural transition, this shampoo would be a perfect start. I am definitely interested in other scents, especially Raspberry and Cranberry one.

Also, what came to a big surprise for me, was that they have skincare range!! Did you know that? Their purifying cleansing and deodorant range look very promising. What do you think? Have you ever tried anything from the brand? Do let me know in the comments down bellow.

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