Eubiona Kiwi Camomile shampoo review


It seems like I have a streaks on my favourite products to blog about. If it is not masks or serums, then it is a hair product, but is it my fault, that I find something I enjoy and what to share with my readers? The fact, that next up is hair conditioner review, makes it even worse, but oh well, I guess since this is my playground, it is my rules too :).

As you know, I have been searching for a good, affordable natural shampoo forever. After I had to give away my Acure Organics shampoo to my mum, since I couldn't stand the scent (turns out, marzipan and almond is my least favourite scents in cosmetics), I picked up the Eubiona Kiwi and Chamomile one and I am enjoying it a lot. I can't think of any negative things to say, but only the praises.

  1. Firstly, it lathers very well, and if you didn't know, you couldn't tell it was natural one.
  2. It costs around 8eur, so very affordable as well.
  3. It is also widely available in popular Lithuanian health stores, for ones who isn't familiar with or doesn't want to order online..
  4. it smells divine, after I have used it, Stumble Puppy expressed how yummy my hair smells;
  5. it leaves your hair smooth and shiny, and if you are in a hurry, you can skip conditioner
  6. it doesn't give you volume, aka poofey uncontrollable hair, but it won't wave them down either.

In other words, it is simple, but fabulous shampoo worth the price (I have just noticed it is much cheaper on some German online shops, so if you have access or/and patience, you can pick it up there). As for me, not only will I be picking up more for my stash, but I will try other scents as well.

Do you have your favourite natural shampoo? Have you ever tried this one? Tell me about it in the comments!

P.s. Help me, I have been converted and can't imagine tea without milk any more!

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