Sunday Specials: Bleach London temporary hair color

Hello guys!

Believe it or not, I am being so loyal to my readers, that even though while on cuddles and kisses therapy in Scotland, I am "cheating" on Stumble Puppy with my blog and typing up this review.

It is in Sunday Specials category because it is no where close to being natural, but the day they invent bright red natural hair dye, pigs will start flying :). Everyone who knows me, is aware, that I have been wanting red hair for ages now. I spent fortune on various brands hair dyes and hairdressers, and never have I been anywhere close to the result. Many have just rejected me, saying it can't happen with my hair. Ehem, if LittleBookOwl and Rachel Whitehurst (props to you, if you know who they are) can have it, why can't I?

While killing time in Boots, I saw the range of temporary Bleach London hair dye, and it left me curious. I was immediately attracted to the packaging, and they had me at "mermaid hair". So needless to say I picked up. No, I couldn't wait to get home, because I had to know whether I need to stock up on them. So poor Stumble Puppy was forced to spend his Sunday morning helping me to die my hair. I think he secretly enjoyed it (note from SP: yes he did).

So the dye? Did I like it? Was it worth those five pounds? In short, heck yeah. Not only it is very easy to use, it takes only 15minutes and you can have whichever colour you want - I assume. Now I did get my hair bleached a bit at the hairdressers, so I am not sure how it would work without bleach, but they took care of that as well - they have their own brand bleach. Colour wise, it is a little bit darker red than I expected, but I do look like mermaid and it had a very big approval from Stumble Puppy himself. My hair even without conditioner feels soft, after I had brushed and blowdried them, and they are nice and straight, with no extra frizz. The brand promises you to last from two to ten washes, so I will keep you updated on that, but for the first impression, it is a very good product to try out. Who knows, maybe it will even make it to my Holy Grail list and Stumble Puppy will have to send me a package once in a while.

So what do you think? Have you ever tried it? Do let me know in the comments below :)

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