Alterra BB for lighter skin cream review

Good morning!

So, you have decided to switch to natural products? Great! There are plenty of choices both locally and on the inter-webs, but usually it is skin and body care. What do you do, if you are not a fan of mineral cosmetics - yes, I am clumsy, and half of the powder ends up all over my clothes, sink, and bathroom floor. Firstly you spend a lot of time whining about it, then pull yourself together and start researching.. Then you find quite a few options, but encounter some problems such as:

- high price: I am looking at you Dr.Hauschka or Lily Lolo products (no hate on those, I just wish they were cheaper), and if you are a student, or, as me, just sick a lot, you might be living on a budget;

- limited availability (uhhh why can't shipping be cheaper, easier, or if you live in Lithuania, some companies forget to include your country in the drop down list, or limited color choice, and so on.)

As I probably told you in my early posts, my acquaintance with Korean products, left me a die hard fan of BB/CC creams, and meanwhile foundations is slightly easily available, BB creams are a rarity (at least to my knowledge) in natural products. Seeing the BB cream in the Alterra product range, sold locally in the drugstores, made me really happy. Do I even need to say, that I just had to pick it up? Even though I heard some negative reviews of it, I was quite impressed.

I paid around 4EUR for it, and for such a price I am honestly considering getting a back up for my stash. And maybe a tube for my mom. It is very light, so it will only suit people as me, with a whitey fair vampire skin. However, there is a version for medium skin, so if you have slightly darker skin, check that out. It goes on very smoothly, it evens your skin tone and leaves a natural finish.. It has minimum coverage, so if you like perfect skin finish or have many blemishes to be hidden, it might not be a product for you. But if you prefer fresh, healthy skin image, don't want to spend ages in front of a mirror, and want to have the skin, which says "I woke up like this", it might just be a product for you. However, beware, without setting powder, it leaves your phone dirty. Really dirty :)

Have you tried Alterra BB cream? Do you know any other natural ones? Do let me know!

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