Chrima Luxe minerals Flat Top Brush*: review

Well, hello there, it seems like I have got my computer back (knocks on wood and tries not to think about the price of it, both physically and morally), so I can get back to blogging. I miss it so much, you have no idea. In a lot of people's mind, mine included, a blogger is a fancy girl in a vintage dress, sitting in a fancy coffee shop with her thoughts neatly being laid on virtual paper.. Meanwhile in reality, it is still a lot of coffee, usually made from my Dolce Gusto machine, getting cold while I try to find right words to describe one product or another. Especially, when it is a brush.

Makeup brush, nevertheless. I am honestly staring at it, and all I can think, is "damn, it is a brush, what else can I say". But on the second thought, it is an essential tool for your everyday makeup. Don't quote me on this, but in my humble opinion, most people dismiss makeup brushes, and use fingers, because they simply don't see the point, as according to them (ahem, mom), result is the same. No, let me correct you, with a good quality brush, the effect is different.

So let me proudly present Chrima Luxe minerals Flat Top Brush Exclusive*. My makeup brush collection is in extreme need of renewing, so when I was asked what I would like to try, I had to put the brush in my wishlist. And oh boy, am I glad to have tried it. Even my mom acknowledged, how soft it was and how lovely it felt against her face (now how do I get her to use it as intended?. )

To be honest, I am trying to think really hard of any disadvantages of this product, and I can't, even the price (12.95EUR) seems very reasonable for me. Besides the price, its perfectly shaped, the bamboo handle lets you to get a good grip on it. The hair is synthetic, so it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well. The flat surface is excellent for mineral makeup, or even BB creams, and allows you to distribute (uhhh, that's a wrong word to use) it evenly on your face. And with the right products, it allows you to have a flawless face.

Now, I never tried MAC or Sigma brushes, so I can't compare - although inner blogger in me really wants to go get one just for that reason, but if you are on the budget, I would really recommend checking it out.

Do you have your favorite brush? Is it high-end or budget one? Do let me know!

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