Reverse inserapables of the month: April


Yes, I totally realize, that responsible bloggers upload this type of the posts in the end of the month, within the last week of that coming month, but I am not responsible nor professional blogger and do things my way. Usually they also have already written blog posts for the loved products and will link their readers to them. Meanwhile, I first will tell you, what I was loving in April, and will try to upload reviews in upcoming week or two, as well as add links to relevant blog posts once they are ready. It is my playground, it is my rules, okay??? Just take this as [insert news announcer voice] coming up on the blog are the following reviews...

So, to start with I have been using the heck out of my Chrima Luxe Minerals Flat Top brush, due to its durability, softness and ability to cover my face evenly.

Together with that, I have been loving Alterra BB cream, it is light coverage, spreads out on the face evenly and gives you a nice fresh skin glow.

It is rather hard to surprise me, but Earth Kiss Bamboo sheet mask has won my applause, seeing, that it is not only very innovative, but effective as well, and all natural, what else can a girl want??

I am testing out Terre Verdi Sports&Yoga Oil, and even though all rationalist in me says, that it is unpractical, I am still taking it on my trip with me, seeing that I love it for its scent and moisturizing effects.

One more thing, which I have been loving this month, especially on the pamper evenings, "JustBe Radiant, gentle exfoliator", since it is lovely on the face, and leaves it feeling smooth and refreshed.

I have been trying out more products this month, but those ones were the ones which stood out most for me, and the others hopefully will come in May's Inserapable post, which will be written in a normal manners :).

Whart have you been loving this month? Do let me know!

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