Sunday specials: Degustabox, February&March


This post is very much overdue, but let me tell you: it is difficult to be a blogger without right means - a working computer and a coffee cup in my hand. I swear coffee makes me think clearer. It is also not easy to blog with mom snooping around and pointing to each of my beauty belongings, asking what they are. And even 4 Siera Bees balms didn't help to keep her occupied.

However, it is Sunday today, and I will try my best to write a post. Back when I was in the hospital I had with few difficulties organized some spoiling delivered straight in my hospital room. As you probably guessed from the title of this post, it was Degustabox. Degustabox is a simple subscription box, which delivers from 9 to 14 food products straight to your door (well, almost, I bought it using UK address rent service). If you are a loyal follower of mine, you should know, that subscription boxes and weird/new food items are my weaknesses. So I bet you are not very much surprised seeing me reviewing this box on my blog. Is that enough of an intro? I think so, let's get to what was in each box and what I thought of them. some were eaten straight away, others. such as BBQ sauce is awaiting it's turn. Any idea, what a vegetarian can use BBQ sauce for, if not veggie burgers?..

Please forgive the photo made in hospital conditions, but oh well. This was a February box, which contained Peanut Butter drink - did you know they exist?? I haven't given it a try yet, but let me know, if you would like a feedback. Some medicine was making me very thirsty and my mouth dry, so having a carbonated drink was a life savior. It wasn't anything special and the the taste reminded me very much of Sprite. Then were was Cocoa Cookie Crunch, which is technically a cookie, but tasted very much of chocolate. Guess, which went empty first? Then there was Melba Thins.which is basically a crispy bread, but it is still waiting for its turn. I bet it would go well with Whole Earth's peanut butter, I am in constant search for a healthy, and tasty peanut butter, so I was excited tp see it in the box. Then were was a beetroot snackbar, and even though I like beetroots and love beetroot veggie chips, this just wasn't my cup of tea. Then you can see a beef snack, which is totally a miss for me, being vegetarian, and despite telling them so on the profile you need to fill out before joining. However, being in the hospital comes with benefits of being able to share. Then were was two spice shots, one for paella and another one for curry, which I still haven't tried, but do have plans on doing so. And last, but not least, gluten free brownie bits. To be honest, I found them a little bit on the dry side and not quite as enjoyable as it could have been. That went to common room as well and I am sure someone ate them happily. Thats what was in the February box, and I am pretty sure it was the one I opened first, and really liked it.

Let's see what March Degustabox brought us.

Can we just ignore the awfullness, which is this photo, and concentrate on the contents? I feel like this one was less successfull box, but I guess it depends on people's taste and preference. It being a March box, it had to contain some Easter eggs, and those were by Lindt company. Yes, they were first to go. Then we had some jellies: jelly babies and sour patch kids, which, frankly, I haven't found exceptional by any means, but I ate them to the last and enjoyed it. Then there were baked bread bites, I have consumed one of the packets, but going to leave another one as an addition to salads, since I found them rather bland alone. I usually drink tea and coffee without sugar or any other sweeteners, so I can't say I was excited to see one there, but I guess I will give it a try out of curriosity. Then were was Granola, which I probably am excited about most, since I never tried one, and it would make a perfect breakfast with non-diary milk. If you want me to report the taste, do let me know. Then as mentioned above, there is a BBQ sauce, in a really fancy bottle if you ask me, and although I might not find the use for it, it will decorate my kitchen perfectly. We can also see some instant Kent's Kitchen noodles, which I wasn't a fan of.. Oops. And now moving on to drinks, we had a couple bottles of Juiceburst, Mango&Lime as well as Cranberry one. I consumed them really quickly and enjoyed it. Last, but not least we have couple of bottles of Crabbies drinks. I love their ginger beer, so am really curious to try those as well.

So here we go, two month's worth of Degustabox'es. What do you think? Anything in particular catching your eye? Would you be interested in subscribing to a foodbox? Do let me know in the comments bellow!

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