Natural&Organic Products Europe, 2015

Hello guys!

Even though my pc is dead - should I say still or again, I am not sure, I am visiting my parents and going to try to make the best use out of their computer (although it is slower than a snail)... So here I am, telling you about the event I went to last weekend.

After spending ages in the hospital, where the use of electronic devices was highly limited, visiting hours were rather strict, and house rules in general kind of sucked,my heart screamed for freedom, so I have decided to ask to be discharged before time so I can go to London, where I got to spend time with Stumble Puppy, and even almost pick up our first fight. The city can be confusing, if you haven't had coffee and don't know how to get somewhere. Not only it was refreshing to see him and do stuff, our (okay, mine) aim was to visit Natural & Organic Products Expo at London Excel, in order to make and contacts and hear about the brands I might have not known before. I need to acknowledge a huge THANK YOU for the Stumble Puppy, who not only patiently was dragged from the booth to the booth, but also took oh so profesional photos for me.

I will try to introduce a few brands for you guys, but mostly this is going to be a photo galore, do let me know if any specific brand gets your attention and I will see if I can do reviews on their products.

One of the first stands we visited, held MyChelle products. I heard so much about this brand from other bloggers and vloggers, but never tried them out. It was really lovely talking to an expert about the products, and interesting to get my skin analysed. And let me tell you, there is nothing better than to hear, that you have awesome skin. It proves you are a beauty blogger for a reason, doesn't it?

I was very happy to see a very well known brand, Montagne Jeunesse, to come up with their mud based, 100 percent natural face mask line, to be introduced to the public shortly, I was even more surprised to be handed and entire range and can't wait to give them a go. I am especially intriguied in the sheet mask, and how it compares to korean ones.

Next, came a professional haircare line, Tabitha James Kraanwith a very interesting backstory, reaching 1999, when nobody knew, what organic even meant. I have their dry shampoo in my to review list, and will tell you more on its performance, but meanwhile, isn't the packaging just beautiful?

Depression's side effect is, that it leaves you tensed and stressed. Almost all the time. Therefore I had to stop at the stand, which said therapy balms. And I had to smear it all on my wrist. It was a must. Appearently, it is 100percent natural aromatherapy balm, encouraging you to stop, and reset your mood.

Keeping up with the theme, so there was a zephorium stand, which totally sucked me in due to their bright, colorful packaging and desire to take the whole display home with me. Zephorium products are not only based on natural ingredients, it also encourages positive thinking, seeing that every bottle has an affirmation on it, promising to at least change your thoughts, if not your life.

You probably remmember me mention PHB Ethical Beauty a few times, so you can only imagine, how excited I got to see their products from close up. And yes, they are just as beautiful in real life.

As mentioned, there were couple of new companies, one of them being Vedani Botanicals, with outstanding packaging and Red Anchor Supply company with their line for men, as well as couple unisex products.

I guess this was as much as my brain could handle information wise, but I will leave a few photos for your viewing pleasure down there.

P.S. They also had vegan cupcakes there. It is a game changer for me, and if by any chance you are in UK, do check out VDelicious.

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