Simply Bee's serum* review

Good morning, guys!

I wonder if it is time to rename my blog to or something along those lines, seeing, that all I write about recently, are those particular products. But what can I do, that when a brand asks me, what I would like to try out, my attention is immediately drawn to one of those products. If I start to repeat myself, or if those reviews get too frequent, please promise me you will tell me, okay?

So, are you even surprised, that today I will be talking about yet another serum? I feel, like this is quite a unique product on the market, Propolis Serum.

Let me tell you some facts about the product itself. Serum contains the highest amount of propolis allowed in European Union, and is not diluted with water. As a vegetarian, who is prone to vegan lifestyle, I was slightly concerned about this, since the topic on honey not being vegan is quite controversial, however, the company assures, that "no bees are harmed or stressed in any way during the harvest of this propolis because the beekeepers harvest it while servicing the hives and only take what the bees do not need."

Firstly, surprisingly, this serum is made of only three ingredients: almond oil, propolis, and neroli essential oil. You should all know my love for neroli by now, so I guess you wouldn't be surprised to hear, that I am in love with it's divine scent. The consistency is quite liquid, but not so much, that it would run all over the place. Unsurprisingly, since it is based on propolis, it is slightly sticky, and does take a while to sink in the skin, therefore I choose to use it as a part of my nighttime routine. This product is specially formulated for sensitive skin, due to propolis healing properties. As I have told you before, my skin suffers from some pigmentation due to very bad sun burn, and religious use of this product has decrease the visibility of the spots. I have also noticed, that if I have a breakout or a pimple on the way, it either helps to reduce it, or prevents from happening at all.

Once again, I feel like this would be a perfect product for prone to dry skin, or the one suffering from breakouts. It is rather luxurious, being at 21GBP price, but I feel like it is definitely worth it. If you are in search for a perfect face serum, this would be it.

P.S. my laptop is broken, so if you feel a lack of posts, that is exactly why... I am sorry in advance..

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