Rossi Skincare, Jojoba and Coconut Shampoo*

Good morning!

I am sure you have heard me praise the company quite a few times, I fell in love with their face cleanser, I also have a rave review on their brand new Damascan rose body lotion typed up and just waiting for it to go online so I can publish the review and all of you can grab it and thank me and the brand for the discovery.

However, if I was only writing good reviews on this blog, I would lose my credibility and in the long run, I'd lose my reader base as well, since you would stop trusting my judgments. So even though it pains me, I have to write a rant review on their shampoo. For some reason, when people try out natural products, they expect miracles at once and tend to forget that even with common beauty products, it can take months, sometimes years, to find the right product to suit their needs. I usually don't have a problem with the natural skincare products, and I would in heart beat choose them over the mass market ones, however finding the right hair products is quite a challenge for me.

I am on a never ending quest to find a good, natural shampoo without any type of surfactants, which won't leave my hair feeling and looking very dry, or, in worst case scenario, looking unwashed. I had high hopes for this one since even the title is so tempting, and I was expecting a great product which has a coconut smell. I have to admit, it left me feeling disappointed. Even though I am aware that you can't expect the natural shampoo lather the same as the usual one, I still found it really hard with this particular one. The consistency is quite oily (duh!, what did I expect from jojoba oil based shampoo?), and just not what I would prefer.. The scent is not quite what I expected either, I wanted it to smell as a field of coconuts (I know, that is technically not possible), but all I can smell is a faint jojoba oil scent. And the last, and probably the biggest reason, which is making me not to like a product is that it dried out and tangled my hair to a knot so badly, that I needed to visit a hairdresser and had to get a small chunk of my hair cut out.

So even though I am a loyal fan of Rossi Skincare, and I will support them in all way possible, Coconut Jojoba Shampoo and me didn't get along. Once again, I have to stress that even though this product wasn't for me, it doesn't mean that is bad. In my world negative reviews isn't bashing the brand, it is like a constructive criticism which they can take on and use upon improving the formula of the product.

Have you found the perfect natural shampoo yet? Do let me know!

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