Pillow Talk, #2: Time Of The Month*

Good morning!

This Sunday I am here to present you yet another Pillow Talk. Once again, this is going to be girlish and slightly gory topic, so if you are squeamish or a boy, please leave now, and don't complain I haven't warned you. If you are eating, you might wanna come back to this post later as well.

For some reason, I really like typing up blog posts like this, but somehow my body senses it, and decides to go on a protest.. Remember my Gentle Day post, which resulted in my period coming too early? It took me only to write the title of this post-it was originally meant to go up last Sunday, which resulted in the most extreme period I have ever had (well, maybe Vitamin C is also to be blamed, so trust me, I swore off that for a long time), even ending with a visit to ER. And if until then I was doubting the concept of this brand, it made me realize, how genius the idea can be, and how it is a life saver. My fellow girl readers, hands up in the air, if you have ever gotten your period unexpectedly, or it was just so bad, that you had no energy to go visit a store, and noone who could help you out, were around?

Please ignore the damage done by postal offices...

That's exactly, where Time Of The Month (TOTM) company comes into play. As you know, I am crazy for anything subscription, and even though I was skeptical towards it, my last period might have just showed why this is necessary. I think, beauty boxes, accessories, even tea subscriptions don't surprise anymore. However, I am very surprised to find that sanitary products subscription exist, even though I can definitely see the merits behind the concept. You choose the products, you would like to be delivered to you (such as pads, tampons, etc.) and in what intervals you would like to receive them. As well, as you can choose the date for your first delivery, so that you would be prepared for the aunt flow well in advance.

Moreover, new subscribers can try a box for free, and it is possible to stop it at any time. Even if you say, buy one product, you can get another one for free, and shipping and handling costs are free if you buy two or more products.

As for the pads itself, there is no difference from other, mainstream brands, except that this is much better. It is 100% certified organic, made from pure cotton. They aren't chemically treated, therefore much better for your health. I also notice, that it is much more comfortable, and prevents rash. As for holding properties, I feel like I can't be objective, since as mentioned before, my period was extreme this month, and I did have a few leaks, but I am pretty sure even industrial strength ones wouldn't have passed a test in this case.

I also appreciate the fact, it come with a little cosmetics bag, so you could carry your pads there, and for all your coworkers would know, that you are off to the bathrooms to powder your nose..

If you are as forgetful as me, if your period comes irregularly or if the assortment in convenience stores isn't pleasing you, I would highly recommend checking TOTM products out. What do you think? Does it creep you out? Do you think this idea has potential? Do let me know!

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