Vivi intensively hydrating face cream


I am here today to deny my previous statements about how beauty bloggers like to venture out, and try as much new brands as possible, and therefore rarely repurchase an item, or buys something from the same company more than twice. It is quite different with this brand, I am a loyal customer of theirs, and I plan on staying one.

As you probably noticed from my previous posts, I am quite a fan of Vivi skincare. I have tried quite a few of their products, and I haven't been disappointed by any of them. I am not sure, how they do it, but let me tell you, if there was Oscars for the best skincare, they would definitely win an award. The quality of their products is amazing, price is affordable, they use natural ingredients and their products are formulated professionally in the labs, what else does a girl need?

So here I am today to present yet another wonderful product from them, intensively hydrating face cream. Sales assistant has recommended it to me, when I said my complaints about flaky skin out loud, and even though, it didn't fix the problem completely, it definitely helped a great deal. Yes, I realize it might be a weird decision to use hydrating cream as opposed to moisturizing one in winter times, but if you saw my flaky patches around the nose and chin you would understand..With me using it constantly, I can definitely say that my skin has cleared up, the flaky patches have reduced and my skin just seems refreshed.

The scent of the cream is herbal, as most of their products, it has a faint and pleasant lavender scent, however if you are just venturing in the natural world, you might need some time to adapt, but it is pleasant none of the less. The cream is light weight, it has whipped like texture, it sinks in the skin quickly and leaves it hydrated. It does significantly reduce the dry areas of the skin, and leaves skin very smooth. It has also to be stressed, that their packaging is very simple, yet sophisticated, white and black writing, sleek bottles and the design, which can be recognized anywhere.

So, yes this is yet another fabulous product from the brand, and if you have dry, or even combination skin, I highly recommend you pick it up.

Have you heard of Vivi? Have you ever tried anything from them? Make sure to let me know :)

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