Sunday Specials: Attention, Coffee Friends!

Good morning.

As you probably could tell by the title, we are talking about coffee today.. If a 23 year old me would be told, that I will become addicted to coffee, I would have called the guy an idiot. Yes, that's right, I haven't really started drinking coffee till I was in my Master studies. I blame coffee machines all over the campus. And as you could imagine it has progressed ever since. Sometimes I have three cups of coffee a day.. Lack of coffee provokes my migraine, when usually for other people it is the other way around.

While being out of ideas what to write about on Sunday Specials, I all of the sudden realized, that Dolce Gusto Piccolo coffee machine is my friendliest friend (props to you if you know which youtuber I was watching for too long), and I have owned it for quite long time. I have acquired it while I still was living abroad, about seven years ago and when moving back to Lithuania, I left it behind, and I am not going to lie, I think I lasted at most couple of months without it before having to go out and buy it again. I have become so accustomed to it, that when I run out of coffee pads, I feel like an important part of my life is missing.

In the partnership with (they provided me with two boxes of complimentary coffee), I have decided that it is not only a must, it is quite a crime not to write about this miracle, which my mom likes to call a little penguin (yes, I got her one too). Goes to show how much I love it, doesn't it? Yes, sometimes even I get annoyed at my long rambling introductions, so let me try to describe what it is and why it is so miraculous. Let me present you idiot-proof coffee machine. All it takes to make the perfect cup of coffee is pressing couple of buttons in the right direction. Oh how wish I had a pretty clear mug so I can show you how nice the coffee looks..

There is a variety of coffee pads you could choose, starting from espresso for your partner and ending with mocha or cacao for your children. Every box contains 16 coffee pads, and depending on the kind, it either makes eight or sixteen cups of coffee at the price of 5.80Eur per box. Any milk based coffees, such as Capuccino, Latte, etc. has one capsule for milk and another one for black coffee. On top of each box it shows you, how many ml of what you need to make the coffee perfect. I just use my common sense, and fill about 2/3 with milk and the rest with coffee.

I have shopped with them before, and let me tell you, their customer service is excellent. They do promise one day delivery on their website, and I was needy enough to request for that not to happen, because I wouldn't have been home the next day and they kindly accomodated. In their shop, every client is treated with a cup of specially roasted coffee, and let me tell you, that was one good cup of coffee. They have good product knowledge as well and are friendly and helpful, so if you are tempted to getting a coffee machine, or just go and have a talk about coffee, do pay them a visit, You can find their contacts right there. The only drawback is quite limited choice of Dolce Gusto coffee pads, such as Skinny Latte, Chai Tea Latte or even Marrakesh Style Tea. Dear team, please start carrying those? As you can probably tell from the picture, my favorite one is Latte Machiato Caramel. Actually, Vanilla too, but that is quite hard to get your hands on.

What I was very surprised to find out, that the same people are behind another project,, where you can find all kinds of beauty products, starting from a beauty blender and ending with a natural skincare section, including such brands as Kivvi or Couleur Caramel. So, if coffee doesn't float your boat, maybe you would at least be interested in having a look around their beauty website.

Do you like coffee? Have you ever tried Dolce Gusto machine? Do let me know!

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