FriDiys, #1 : Natural skincare ingredients haul


Welcome to a very fresh category on this blog. However I have to apologize for posting it on Saturday, but a visit to emergency room and therefore lack of the post last night does justify it, I hope? FriDiys. Does that even sound right? Do you like the name? Do you have better suggestions?

Anyhow, this is about Do It Yourself Skincare. I think, once you dwell into the world of natural skincare, start to read up on ingredients, and what's good and what's bad for your skin, and especially if you have crafty personality, you would consider making your own skincare at some point. I am not seeking to become a professional, nor do I claim that only homemade skincare is safe and effective to use, usually it is quite the contrary, but why not experiment and see if you can make something with your own hands to enjoy and brag about. I have recently got tempted into joining an order from AromaZone, and this was what I got. If nothing else, at least some lip balms would come out of it.

One of the essential ingredients in natural skincare, especially in lip balms, are butters. I chose Mango butter-due to its moisturizing properties and the vitamins in it, leaving the skin glow. Cacao butter for its ability to fight the signs of aging as well as being suitable for sensitive skin and Shea butter mostly because it is the mainly used butter in the homemade skincare, but not forgetting it's inflammatory properties.

Next step in any homemade skincare is water. Some people choose distilled water, others prefer flower waters due to their properties. I like to go for floral waters not only due that, but also the fact, that it gives a slight scent. I have mentioned somewhere, that I am crazy for Neroli scent, so obviously I had to grab Orange Blossom water. Next one I picked up, was Lavender one. Not only because I saw a face mask I wanna try to make, but also because once I got into natural skincare, I realize, that no, lavender isn't annoying fake smell, it in fact smells lovely.

If you have had basic chemistry class, you would know, that oil and water can't merge on their own. That's where the binding agent, in a form of wax or emulsifier comes into the game. Mostly used wax are usually beeswax, however I find it slightly too heavy for my face, and have chosen to try rice bran one, since from what I understand, it can be widely used in lip balms.

Even though some people use beeswax in creams, I am not the fan for the same reason, so I decided to pick up an emulsifying wax. There are quite many choices from what I understand, and it is totally up to your personal preferences. I chose number 2 for no apparent reason.

Then usually you would need something to give your product a scent, usually essential oils are used, but I decided I would pick that up later on. I decided to choose the melon thing, which I thought is the flavoring, but seeing that apparently I don't speak french, I ended up getting watermelon see oil. I didn't even know that existed! Talking about oils, technically some liquid base oil such as jojoba, avocado or macadamia is also required, but I either forgot, or thought that I can just as well buy it here, I am not quite sure what happened :) Thankfully there are quite a few places locally where I can fix this problem..

And of course, Vanilla infusion had to jump along in the cart as well, because, well, it is a vanilla :)..

The last couple of things are synthetic, however I didn't find any information on them being harmful, so hopefully they are okay, but I can't quite describe what they are, since my knowledge is still limited, but I know that xantan gum helps to thicken the product, and one of the recipes called for inuline, so I though I might just as well grab that...

And of course, oh so controversial preservative.. Even though this is of synthetic origin, it is not as harmful and toxic as some others used in a mass market skincare. If there was a super duper technology enabling to make a natural product which is all natural and doesn't go off within few weeks, I would go for that, but now Cosgard is going to have to do.

Yes, I do realize, that this is quite unusual haul, but I had fun picking up ingredients, and writing about them, so I hope you will enjoy this post as well. If you find it boring, then I am terribly sorry!

Have you ever tried to make natural skincare? Have you seen any recipes you wished to try? Do let me know!

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