Lush. Mask of Magnaminty review

Good morning!

I think I might have to apologize for Lush, since I have noticed that after their move towards self preserving products, I have been stepping my foot in the store more often. Admittedly you still need to read ingredient lists, but you can find products without harmful ingredients as well. Also, it seems like their customer service has improved greatly: sales assistants have either been replaced, or got a very good training, and it is much cozier to look around now, and they seem to have much more product knowledge. I can especially give my praises to one girl, called Victoria, if my memory is correct, she is very chatty and friendly person and always makes your day..Now, I am not quite sure, if they have the smaller cup version of this mask before, at least I haven't ever seen it around, but after introducing self-preserving version, here it is. For me it is a good thing, since I simply have too many masks to be able to use them up, but I feel that if I go after the fresh ones, I am much more inclined to use them regularly.

As you can see, as all clay based masks, this one isn't the prettiest one in the world. So, if your other half don't understand what it takes to be pretty, or is not as tolerant and supportive as Stumble Puppy, make sure he is not at home before you treat yourself to some pampering. Or slap some on his face before he even manages to protest :)... Anyhow, the consistency of the mask is on the thicker side, and I think it might be difficult to apply with bare hands, but with my mask brushes, I have never had any issues. As the name suggests, it smells strongly of mint. I personally don't mind, but if you are not a fan of strong scents, you might wanna sniff it in the store before picking it up. I can't figure out from the ingredient list, what exactly it is, but it has little pieces in it, which suggests that product can be used in troubled skin times as well as a gentle scrub. I would say it is especially designed for those days, when you have breakouts (we are talking period and insane amount of chocolate here) or just before some special event, when you want your skin smooth and glowing. So, if your skin is acting up, or is being all tired and dull, this might be your to go product. Grab it!!

Have you ever tried anything from Lush? What do you think about their self-preserving products? Do let me know!

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