Natura Siberica Body Peel Review.

Good morning!

My fellow bloggers out there won't let me lie, being a blogger is both a blessing and a curse. As a beauty blogger, want you or not (you have to not want reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly hard), you stay on top of the beauty news, you know about new releases, new bloggers, new brands out there, etc.. However, with knowledge come problems. Say, you know about an awesome product, your blogger heart is dying to try it, but since it is in the other country, you can't get your hands on it, or need to go a long way before you can... Don't get me wrong, I love to be updated, but sometimes you really need that new item here and now.. Anyhow, that's exactly why I was very happy to be given Natura Siberica Body Peel from Aliona, in Lithuania Beauty Blog, since she has relatives in Russia and the privilege to get her hands on some items.

Even though the brand is sold in Lithuania, the assortment isn't the widest and usually for some strange reason, it is on the lowest shelves in the stores, so I won't lie, I don't have much knowledge on the brand itself, so please don't quote me on this, but I think all their products are more or less natural, at least looking at the ingredients.. Somehow, I am really tempted by the products, which look like food, and yes, I have to fight the urge to lick it (don't tell anyone, but I might have done so on occasion), and if product looks like jam, I automatically like it without even trying it yet.. But can you blame me?

Yes, it was tempting. No, I didn't like my fingers after washing the spoon.

Even the scent of the product is quite jam like. I can't quite point a finger on it, but it does have a very gentle scent of berries, but it is not over powering. But which berries exactly it smells off, I can't really recognize.. I find it, that is slightly too gentle for me, since I prefer scent to linger on my skin. Texture is perfect, except for the fact that it has real whole berries - red currants and seabucktorn in it, which I find both fascinating and annoying. It does add up as a selling point for the scrub being natural, however it doesn't give any real benefit for scrubbing and it might clog your shower. The packaging is undeniably pretty, however, I found it really hard to handle in the shower, the lid had almost broke and the label peeled of after it being under running water for less than 20minutes. So as you can see, my feelings on this product are quite mixed, and I probably won't purchase it myself.

However, I am still inclined to try more of this brand, and going off to write a wishlist. Do you have your favorite scrub? Have you tried anything from Natura Siberica before?

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