Lilly Bell Makeup Removing Cotton Pads Review. Yes, you can call me crazy.


Let me start by sharing something which is important for me! I have decided to give a foster home for the kitty till she finds her true owners, and she is being delivered today, and as you probably can tell, I am beyond excited! As you imagine, quite a few things are on my mind right now, and they are not necessarily blogging related, therefore I decided to write a short review on something which won't take too much of my mind and time up.

This morning, while I was doing my makeup (props to me for managing that at 5.30am!), my eye has caught those makeup removing pads and I thought oh, why don't I write about those!.

Yes, I am aware that most of you just thought that I am crazy. Well, that might be, and I am not even going to deny it. But I hope that at least couple of you will be able to connect with me on the same level and appreciate it. I know this topic was discussed a while ago in one of the Beauty Addicts group in Facebook. Let me start with a confession. I hate normal cotton pads. I hate them with passion. They are sticky, the sound it makes when it sticks to your fingers makes me shiver, and the little cotton pieces sticks everywhere. It is not the pleasant feeling, at all..Anyone else with me?

While I appreciate that you might not be on the same page as me, regarding cotton pads, you still need to read this. Once again, Asians has done it, and came up with an award winning product. Why is not it sold worldwide and isn't widely known, is a mystery to me. I am telling you, you need this in your life.

They have a special three layer design, and two differently colored sides-one of them is white -specially designed for applying toner and another one is pink for soft makeup removing process. The unique texture of the surface and the third inner layer prevents the product being sucked up into the pad, it saturates it and makes the application very convenient, meanwhile preventing the waste. The soft and smooth surface is very gently to your skin. Pads don't leave sticky pieces all over the place, which is highly appreciated in my world. As you can already tell, this is my must have, so if you want to try something else, pick it up on ebay. Yes, it is slightly more expensive than usual cotton pads, but in my world it is totally worth it!

What cotton pads do you use? Do you agree with me? Let me know!

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