Sunday Specials. Beoti essences*

Hello guys!

I promise I am not trying to slack off the posts, and I do try my best to post at least five times a week, but once again my health has hit the rock bottom, doctor marathon has started, this time to most likely to confirm migraine diagnosis before I either go crazy or go to the bankruptcy: let me tell you pills against migraine aren't the cheapest thing on the world... But more on that some other day..Talking of which, would someone be interested in the separate post on anxiety, depression, migraine and natural remedies towards that?

Today I have chosen to blog about something which has been on my shoulder for quite a while.. I was a bit on the fence whether to write about it or not, since it is not a natural item, and I want so badly to stick with my resolutions, but as it was sent to me couple months ago, I feel like I have (well, nobody has forced me to write this review, but it is sitting on my shoulder, so I thought I might as well). I know most of you are not afraid of products with synthetic elements in them, and would be interested in this post.

If you are a loyal reader of my blog, you would know, that I only blog about products that leave a big impression on me: both good and bad. And I will just let you know, that I really liked this product. As you probably gathered, in fact as much so that I just had to go out of my way and write about it..I have deliberately chosen to write about it on Sunday, since Sunday specials is the category which is apart from my main focus: natural beauty products.

Let's get something out of the way first, I am always an advocate for cheaper skincare options, since I am a true believer in smaller, indie companies, who haven't been around for too long and maybe won't spend too much money on marketing campaigns and concentrate on the good quality ingredients, hence cheaper prices.. However, time to time we each need to splurge: be it super expensive makeup item, fancy candle or those macaroons from the bakery which you pay for with your eyes closed.. So, BEOTI serums do fit that spoil yourself once in a while category, with a price tag starting from around 34Eur. However, I would go so far as to claim, that it does really work.

I am not going to lie, one of the things, influencing my decision whether to purchase a product, is the packaging. This simple, yet sophisticated packaging, with a dropper reminds me of the pretty pharmacy bottles. Dropper makes it really easy to dose a product and you don't end up wasting it. Secondly, they have quite extended line and every essence targets different skin issues. My skin is quite problematic, rather tired, with blackheads and flaky patches around skin and nose area, and we have decided, that Vitamin C serum would help to refresh my skin and the Collagen Essence would balance hydration, therefore reducing flaky patches. I should probably say, that the product is very concentrated, with only few ingredients. All the essences are based on hyaluronic acid, and in short, that is an ingredient, which helps you to restore and seal moisture in your skin.

As for personal results, I have noticed, that if I use it regularly, my skin gets firmer and smoother, even slightly brighter, I have had one annoying pigmentation spot from my unlucky city break by the beach, as mentioned on my Madre Labs Cream review post, and it has significantly decreased. It even combated my dry patches on my chin area. In fact, sometimes I go as far as to drop moisturizer step, because I feel like I get enough hydration from this essence. All in all, that is a very good product for tired, dehydrated skin, and you are able to see the results within few weeks of regular use.

So, if you have been in the mood to spoil yourself recently, and just don't know how, do grab this product up. You can buy it by visiting Douglas stores.

Have you ever tried Beoti or other hyaluron based products? Did you like it? Do let me know!

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