Lush. Buche de Noel Cleanser review.

Hello my dear readers!

It seems like I am on the controversial topics kick this week on my blog. Today I am here to talk about Lush. And don't worry, I am not there to praise them, I am just here to discuss.

I won't lie, I have tried quite a few Lush products (ahem, I went off to the shop to change my 5 empty tubs to a fresh face mask), but I never liked them for trying to play natural, especially when I found out, that their shower gels and shampoos contain SLS. Parabens, even though in small amounts, can be found in quite a few products. However, that being said, Lush is making an admirable step towards cleaner and healthier products, introducing us with self-preserving products. Yes, I do hear you ask, what the heck does it mean? Well, it means, that Lush is slowly removing harmful ingredients and is choosing to use natural ingredients, such as honey, clay, and even tofu (say whaaaaaat), which has preserving properties. So now, when I have it out of the way, let me get to the review itself.

Once again, only upon going to buy and realizing, that Buche de Noel Cleanser is no longer for sale (damn seasonal items!), I realized, that after all, I do like it. Can you please remind me to stock on them next year and keep them in the freezer??? I have mentioned it briefly on my Skincare Turnaround post, but I have decided, it deserves the fully written review on it.

Yes, admittedly, the shape it comes in, isn't the most convenient one, and I would show you, if I haven't used mine up :(, but its quite crumbly, and yeah, it does create a mess. Also, I would highly recommend to keep it in the fridge, just in case, since mine went off when there still was 1/3 of it left. However, once you get pass that, this is a cleanser, which is very worth trying. Smell wise, it is also something you have to get used to, I am not an expert on describing scents, I feel like this one smells of cake, but not quite, but maybe a little with a whiff of some alcoholic drink, maybe brandy?? But let me tell you, the effect it has on my skin is worth everything!! Every single minute waiting till next Christmas, just so you can stock up on it. I don't know how, but it seems like this cleanser brings back all the vitality back to my skin. I feel like it cleans impurities really well, and leaves my skin fresh and glowing. I feel like it is really hydrating, therefore perfect for harsh winter months (yup, I am aware it is all paddles and +5 outside right now..). And yes, I will be willing to go so far as saying that this might be yet another item into my Holy Grail product pile.

If you were wondering about Lush and wanted to pick something to try, but couldn't decide, grab this one, if it is still sold in your local store. Or join me in patiently waiting for next Christmas. Have you tried any of Lush or other fresh cleansers? Do you have something to recommend? Do let me know in the comment section down below!

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