Tangle Teezer. Is it worth the hype?


If I were to find the question which I get asked most, among the silly ones, such as "so what do you sell", "what use do you get out of blogging", etc., one of the normal (and justifiable) is, "so what is your holy grail product"? And as mentioned on my Uoga Uoga mask review, I like experimenting way too much and quite rarely repurchase the product, and if I do I don't really think about it much.. Until one morning I reach for it, and realize, here it is, one of my products I am having trouble living without... Or, as it was with the Tangle Teezer brush, I leave it at work and frantically search for it every morning...

Now reviews on this brush are quite controversial, some people say that it saved their life, others claim that it was the biggest waste of money. So I guess that is one of the items you have to try and decide for yourself. I personally love it.. Why? I am not quite sure. My hair is fine, weak, but very prone to tangling, especially if I try out a not so good natural shampoo which dries them out and ties them to a knot. I even had to visit a hairdresser to help me brush it out once. Not an experience I am willing to repeat. Almost whole my life I avoided brushing my hair while wet like a plague, not so much for them being damaged, but because it was quite impossible to get the brush in the tangles, and it was painful.

Tangle Teezer brush has honestly changed my life. I am in fact, considering getting a back up so I can keep it in my bathroom and use to brush out hair masks and treatments. Or even the travel one to keep in my bag. Or both! Let's try to objectively find why I like it, shall we? Firstly, silicone bristles on the brush are flexible, meaning, that they adapt to your hair and easily slide across them. Secondly, different length of the bristles lets the brush get into those annoying tangles and comb through them without tugging. Thirdly, I heard that the bristles don't break, even if you are trying to, and even though I am tempted, I don't have the guts for this experiment! And last, but not least, I have noticed that there is significantly less hair left one the brush as opposed to a standard brush. It might be due to no tugging or the result of my imagination, but really, hair fallout is noticeably smaller.

Yes, I would admit, the price tag is quite hefty, but I got mine in the beauty expo for 35LTL (10.15EUR or 7.94GBP), when normally price ranges from 9 to 12GBP, but in my opinion it is totally worth the hype and money.

Now, be careful, and only buy the brush from well known retailers, since there are so many counterfeits out there. If you are from Lithuania, you can buy it from Salon+, if you live in UK, it is sold in Boots. However, if you are like me, and prefer internet shopping, you can either buy it from their official site, or official retailers such as Lookfantastic or Feelunique site. And in the unfortunate case, if you got your hands on the fake one, do let the manufacturers know, right here.

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Let me know in the comments down bellow!

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