Sunday Specials. Bluebird Tea Co.

Good morning!

It is no longer a secret on this blog, that I have quite a few addictions. One of them being tea. Another one? Constantly watching Zoella's vlogs. I might be slightly obsessed with her, but oh well, at least it is not bad habits, caffeine excluded, as smoking or drinking. Or though sometimes it might be harmful to my wallet. Anyhow, they have mentioned BlueBird Tea Co on their vlogs a few times, and guess what, I just simply had to go and check it out. For my biggest surprise, they shipped internationally and that's there all my will powers vanished. To make shipping cost slightly more reasonable I have talked my coworker into joining as well (oops, sorry, Justina!) and we gladly placed an order.

To start with, we have decided to go with their experience packs. You get 20grams of 5 teas of your choice, and get to sample and taste the ones, which you think you would love. If you feel overwhelmed or indecisive, or maybe your astrological sign is Libra, Bluebird Tea Co is prepared for that with their matching test!

I wouldn't be lying when saying that I have tried lots and lots of teas in my life (hello, have you seen my cupboard stash?!) so it is quite hard to impress me, but BlueBird Tea Co still managed to do so.

Out of my picks, there was only one (Mango Tulsi) tea, which I wasn't a fan of, or though I should have know, since I am not a fan of fruit infused teas in general.. The one I finished the first and liked the most, and even going to get a full tin of? Coffee Puerh of course! I can say, that it helped me trough quite a few night shifts, and with a splash of milk, it is as good as coffee. If Lithuania haven't joined euro, I would have placed the order right now, but I need some time to adjust, I have the false feeling of not having control over my income and expenses,and seeing that I had holidays in December and didn't get full month's pay this month, I am not sure if I can afford it (I probably can, but better safe than sorry),I will definitely be buying a full tin in February.

Also, clearly I was in wintery mood, because other of my choices included Mocha Chai, Spiced Pumpkin Spice, Dark Choc Chilli Chai and Mango Tulsi. By the way, don't think that packets come empty, I just was too curious to try them out, then it got left at work and was being drunk while I needed a pick me up, usually on night shifts!, so the photo of them aren't them being new :)..

And they even have a subscription option, don't tell anyone, but I am very much considering getting that!

As always, so much rambling, but the short message is, if you like tea, if you like unique tea, and weird flavor/taste combinations make your stomach turn with excitement or your inside child happy, do give Bluebird Tea a chance!

Have you ever heard of them? Do you know any interesting tea brands I should try? Have you seen any weird flavor combinations? Do let me know in the comments bellow!

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