Skin Saviors: Madre Labs Night Cream review

Good morning!

How are you guys? How is the weather on your land? The temperature has dropped to -20C here, and while I personally don't mind it: I'd rather have a colder real winter with snow than wanna be winter with +2, rain and paddles everywhere; my skin doesn't seem to have the same opinion as me. Meanwhile I am not as unlucky as some poor people out there who are allergic to cold, I still notice unpleasant itching when exposed to lower temperatures. Obviously I have frantically searched my stash to find something I can use in this instance, and here it was, My Skin Savior, Madre Labs Night Recovery Cream. I would really like to say, which might become my Holy Grail, but it seems like its being discontinued, so if someone knows if I still can find it or just as good alternative, do let me know in the comments bellow, please?

Madre Labs, as the brand, have quite a controversy, there are not many reviews on their products, and the ones I have seen seems to be quite discrepant. Some people praise it, some hate it with passion and others feel just meh about it. I personally only tried two or three of their products, but none of them left me disappointed. In fact, I can go so far as to say, that I am very glad of having this cream when needed, because it saved my skin from a very bad sunburn. Kids, listen to me, not only always use sunscreen, especially in summer time, but also read reviews on them before buying. Unless you want really bad pigment spots all over your body. Learn from my mistakes!

So, as you can tell, this is a skin savior in all the possible cases when you might need a quick remedy. As you probably gathered, the sunscreen I had on my few days at the beach failed greatly and didn't work. Damn, maybe those Koreans are right after all.. That resulted in awful sunburnt skin all over, and I still have spots all over my neck and shoulder area six months later... My face was in the similar situation as well, but just so happened, that Madre Labs Night Recovery Cream was on my eyesight when I really needed something to calm down my skin and I will forever be thankful for that cream. I don't think there are enough BB creams on the market which could have masked all the pigmentation I have gotten. I kept applying the cream all over, maybe in a thicker layer than supposed, but it did save my skin within a span of 3days. Besides it being a miraculous product, it has a pleasant smell, nice consistency and can please all creams come in such packaging, which is not only very easy to use, but looks oh so luxurious on your bathroom shelf?

Do you have any products you can't live without? Do let me know down bellow!

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