Uoga Uoga. Fresh Mask review.

Good morning!

People often ask me, what are my holy grail products, and I never know what to say, because I rarely repurchase things. There are so many new, untried, undiscovered brands out there, and I would like to give them all a chance! However, when buying the n-th Uoga Uoga Fresh mask pot, I realized, that here is my answer! The one thing I do keep buying and buying is this. So obviously it deserves it is own review on this blog. I am pretty sure I am not the only one in love with it, because it is sold out quite often, and you have to be lucky to get one while randomly in the mall, or ask to hold one for you if they ran out.

I really like the concept of fresh masks. Especially the ones which you don't have to bother mixing yourself. I also love Clay masks, as you probably were able to tell from my YinYang Caolin Mask Review.

So, it doesn't come as a surprise, that Uoga Uoga mask meets both criteria. It is also very affordable, being priced at 10.90LTL. That is, if you don't forget you have it (you are supposed to keep it in the fridge and use up within 14days) and it ends up being in the bin. So, don't forget it there, stick a note both on your bathroom mirror and the fridge and use it every second day, your skin will thank you!

The consistency of the mask is just perfect, not too thick nor too thin, and easily applies with a brush. I buy mine off Ebay, but I am pretty sure you should be able to find it in the drugstores as well. I won't lie and won't tell you, that it smells divine, quite the contrary, it has strongly expressed natural scent, which you might need to get used to. However, it works divine, and cleans impurities. Having to keep it in the fridge, makes it really refreshing, and I would imagine it would be miraculous on a hot summer day. It does, however dries a little when applied on the face, and pulls a skin a little, so make sure you have hydrating cream nearby. As mentioned above, this mask is purifying, it clears up the face, smooths and evens out your skin, and I would recommend it to almost anyone. The only drawback is it being a bit drying, so if you have sensitive and dry skin either avoid it, or don't let it dry completely and use hydrosols while treating yourself with it.

Have you heard of fresh masks before? Have you tried any? Do you have a favorite? Do let me know!

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