Kandžiukas. Natural lip plumper

Hi there!

Correct me if I am wrong, or though I will kick and scream to defend my truth, but blogging communities are one of the most awesome ones in the whole world. It is only trough them you find new companies, new products and of course, they are often guilty for your wallet damage.

I quite often meet with Aliona, from Lithuanian Beauty Blog, we have become friends, and we each have someone (okay, okay, I still have Judita from Smell Of Peony, but she is far away in Germany) to discuss blogging issues without having to explain everything from scratch and still risk being not understood. We also analyze each other's bathroom cabinets and raid product storage. We do banters. Because that is what bloggers do :), besides drinking wine and sharing ideas..

So during one of those raids, new lip product has gained a place in my bag. I can't say I was sold on the idea, but as a blogger, you need to try to stay on top on beauty news, and try things purely for the sake for your readers. So when given an opportunity, I jumped on the train. So this is not a normal lip balm you are used to seeing, in fact, it is a lip plumper, in a balm form. On the user manual :), they do in fact recommend using a normal lip balm prior application in order to avoid dryness..

Again, sorry for the photo quality, but I work from 7a.m, meaning darkness when I leave and darkness when I come back..this is brought to you from my office desk...

Reviews all over the internet are amazing on this product. I am feeling like an outsider for not seeing the hype..Okay, I will admit the packaging is super cute, blue background and white polka dot like hearts plus a little birdie is an adornment in your makeup bag. Another plus, it is being all natural which is always encouraged.

Other than that, one of the things which raged me greatly (well slightly less than fish among vegetarian menu in the restaurants), was the description on their site, where they claim it suitable for vegans, even though some versions have bee products in it...

As for the product itself, the first thing I noticed, it was that the consistency is rather harder than usual lip balms. It has quite a strong scent, very spicy, slightly orangy, it is not unpleasant, but nothing I would like to smell all day either. It also has a slight tint to it as well. when you apply it on your lips, if they are dry, it only gives out a slight tingle. If you make sure to wet them before applying, tingling is much stronger, even slightly burning for a minute. As for the plumping effect, I can't say it is noticeable. Not for me at least. It does give a light natural tint, so I will use it up as an alternative when I will be in the mood for no makeup makeup, but I will sure won't be repurchasing it. I don't think it is worth it.

I would like to stress, that this is my personal opinion, and that if it wasn't for me, won't mean you won't like it either. Have you tried it? Did you like it? Am I the only weirdo, who doesn't see the hype behind this? Do let me know!

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