New Year Resolutions, 2015


Happy happy New Year my dear readers!

Anyone else spending their first day of New Year in the office?

Someone wants to get me gift card to a photography course? Or get some lights?...

Confession time! How many of you make New Year's resolutions when year is coming to the end, and next year realize, that you are never even close to fulfilling them? I am the first to raise my hand up in the air. However, I can't help, but still make one for this year, but not only will I try to keep it, I will try to reflect on them as well. Obviously, this is mostly blogging plus controlling my shopping habits related, so I hope it will be interesting for you to see how it goes.

1. Only buy and blog about natural beauty products;

2. Since I and Stumble Puppy are going to the Natural Beauty Expo in April, I have set a plan to save money, therefore I am only allowing myself 3 new products a month, plus 1 or 2 Beauty Boxes.

3. Find, explore, support and introduce my readers to awesome indie companies, who due to smaller budget don't use a lot of money on the marketing and tends to get overlooked.

4. Blog five times a week, ideally - every weekday, find new segments for the blog, and stick with them. Any suggestions, please?

5. Don't clutter, and if product doesn't fit my needs, don't keep it and find a way to get rid of it, either by exchanging, donating, or just putting it into the products I regret buying bin, blog about it, and trash it.

6. This brings me to another subcategory I want to implement in my blog and stick with it, monthly empties, where I would show and tell you about products I used up in a month, and maybe quarterly products I regret buying category.

7. Implement and stick to a well thought out skincare routine, especially get to use scrubs, peelings and fresh masks before I have to bin them. I am very guilty for that.

8. This is more for personal health and clear mind reasons, but I have been vegetarian for about 5 months now, and I can't say I can do it, but I have open mind about veganism, therefore I would like to make at least two vegan meals a week.

I really wanted to make ten of them, but let's be real, and try to stick to what I hope I can easily manage. Do you have any resolutions? Are they beauty or health related? Do let me know in the comments down bellow!

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