Sunday Specials. Gel nail polish: is it worth?

Good morning, guys!

I feel like I haven't been blogging on Sunday Specials category for quite a lot. As I am sure I have mentioned few times before, I find this category the hardest to keep up with, but hopefully with the New Year, new ideas will begin coming to my mind, and it would become easier. You are very welcome to add on with suggestions as well, please?

However, this post is about Gel Polish. From the very beginning of my obsession with cosmetic products, I had an uncontrollable urge to buy various brands, colors and finishes of nail polish. However, I have realized, that my depression and anxiety make my hands shaky, and I am not able to apply nail polish myself. Going to a salon to get your nails done might be an option, but not every manicurist is happy to use your own polish, and even so, if you have house chores to do, I find it peels/chips/smudges in a span of couple days resulting in it being pricey at the end.

When I had next to no knowledge about gel polishes, I assumed it is the long, awfully shaped nails with a tacky nail art. With a right specialist, I find, it is not a case at all. I enjoy bright, unique nails, and when I can get them last for about three weeks, and even longer, at times, it does pay off. If quality products are used, not only they stay in place for weeks, it also strengthens your nails, and provided you haven't been trying to turn around mountains, it prevents them from breaking. I have never had such long nails before. I have religiously been going for a manicure ever since March, with probably a month's break, and I haven't noticed my nails getting ruined as it is often assumed.

Or though nails on the photos are mine, all the work and photo credit goes to wonderful Jurgita :) And since I am total computer illiterat, I have Stumble Puppy to thank for the collage..

Through trial and error, I found a master I like, Jurgita - Lithuanian readers are welcome to contact me for her contacts. She listens to my needs, usually without arguments would try to do what I want, suggest her own options, and if I have a desire for something insane, she will offer a compromise. Due to the convenience fact, well maintained nails, and something pretty for me and others to look at, this might be one of the unnatural cosmetics use I would be willing to overlook.

So, I do believe gel nails are worth it, as long as you can live with the same color on your nails for about three weeks, I do know, it will drive some of the girls crazy, but I don't mind. If you haven't ever tried it, do give it a try, just to form your own opinion. If you did try it, let me know, if you agree with me?

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