Memebox: Tea

Hello, hello!

I just now realized it is Wednesday. Wednesday on my blog means Memebox unboxing. Sometimes it means throwback Memebox unboxing, which probably everyone has forgotten about by now, but I still have it sitting on the counter, and bugging me.

Have I told you already, that I love tea? Well, admitedly, coffee wins over more often now, but just because, I have gotten myself addicted to it (says a girl, who hasn't started drinking coffee until she was about 23...). Anyhow, tea takes a big part of my heart, and even though I probably don't drink it as often as I used to, I still like anything tea themed, and I had to grab Tea Memebox as soon as it was released. I think the reason that it was sitting on my counter for that long, might have been that I was slightly underwhelmed and disappointed. I am not quite sure, what I was expecting, but it surely didn't meet expectations..

But for each, it is own, so let's look at the contents of the box, shall we?

A girl, who is interested in Korean cosmetics, can't have enough sleeping packs. And even though, you might not be happy with the contents of the box, sleeping pack is always a good thing. This particular one has a lot of various herb tea extracts, and is supposed to be moisturizing. However, I haven't really had a chance to try it yet, but I am sure I will.

Next, in the box, quite an intriguing product to me, which I would leave for a really pampering evening, since I feel like it might be rather a lot of fuss to get to using it. It is a toner tablet, which you are supposed to melt in water, and according to instruction card, just only pat it to the skin. However, I believe if you would do it above water, with steam coming up, it might give better results, but again, who has time? I might though try this on New Year's Eve, we will see.

We are all obsessed about pretty packages, aren't we? So it comes with no surprise, that the Gyoolpy Fresh Tea Water was one of most exciting products in the box for me. If you have been religiously following my Memebox unboxings, you know, that I am set to get in the habit of using water mists, and therefore, hopefully, this will come useful as well. Seeing, that it is 100ml, it might go into my travel bag, but we will see.

Then we have lavender emulsion. I really like the luxurious look of the packaging, as well as it being lavender scented. I do prefer a real, natural lavender though, in fact, not until I started to get into natural cosmetics, I realized, I do like the scent of lavender, before I just dismissed it as the scent I hate. You live and learn, I guess, but this product would come in handy as a serum in my night care routine.

And then we have a little tea miniature set, which I am not quite sure how to feel about, but it is just not as exciting as I would like it to be..Or though, granted, the tiny tea tin will come in handy. So, the tin consisted of a mini sunscreen, again, enough with those! Then a tiny body wash, which, frankly, anger me, because how can you form an opinion from something which is supposed to be used on your body, being that small? Or though, it gets points for being in a bottle as opposed to a sachet sample. Then there is a little face wash, gel emulsion and a cream, which I guess I will leave to travelling purposes as well.

Okay, so I have to admit, when I have written all the products down, it is not as bad of the box, as I initially thought, it might very well be, that I was really overwhelmed by Memeboxes at that point, who knows. But can you tell me, what's your bias opinion on it? All opinions are welcome.

For my Lithuanian readers, I wish you a calm and miraculous Christmas Eve, for those overseas, a wonderful pre-Christmas evening with all the Christmasy movies, and steady fingers for the last minute wrapping of all the presents.

P.s. Someone please help me to figure out setting of this camera, in order to avoid bluriness and off white balance?..

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