This is going to be a post which is out of my comfort zone, I think anyone who reads my blog, can safely say, that my forte is skincare: scrubs, masks, creams, etc. I feel like I know, what I need from a skincare product, what defines a good or bad skincare item, I understand the ingredients list (more or less) and I can describe it properly. There is, after all, a reason, why I stay away from makeup products. That being said, this post isn't about makeup. This is my attempt to blog about perfume. If you follow my blog regularly, you would know my "perfect" description of Zoella candle - being scent of cuddles and snuggles!

So, when I smell perfume, I usually get a description of the scent, which is by no means professional, nor objective. In fact, it makes me happy as a little kid, when I can recognize such simple notes as cinnamon and ylang-ylang. Also, while I have many addictions towards beauty products, fragrance has managed to avoid this list.. Or though I probably shouldn't have said it out loud now.

Anyway, being in Facebook Beauty Addict groups can be both eye opening, source of information, and of course, enabling quite a lot resulting in a serious wallet damage. Someone has mentioned, and seeing, that I am in search of the new perfume, I was hooked instantly. I think the idea behind it is genius, and rather unique.

The principle behind it, is rather simple: you create a profile on, fill out three favorite perfumes, choose preferred notes, and they tell you 5perfumes you might like. Not only do they tell you what you might like, but if you pay 10Eur + 1.77Eur for shipping, you get sent five samples. After you have gotten them, you take your time to evaluate the perfumes, choose which ones you like, which ones you don't, and if there are any you are neutral about, and based on those evaluations, you are offered five more samples. According to team, you should be able to choose your perfect perfume, if not from first, then from the second, or the third time!

I feel like this is a very unique concept, it introduces you to a niche market, and helps you choose you signature scent! Have you ever heard of Do you know similar webpages? Do let me know in the comments!

PUBLIC APOLOGY POST SCRIPTUM: Sorry, but Stumble Puppy has been over here visiting and distracting me with presents, spoilings and promise rings, therefore few posts came up without photos, I promise I will fix this as soon as I get home from parents place next week...

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