Wine and Cheese Memebox!

Good morning, guys!

Ok, I must totally be dreaming and thinking too much of myself, but I highly believe I have inspired this box. I don't know what possesed me, but once Memebox staff asked us on the memeholics page what we would like to see in future boxes I mentioned wine box. It was liked many many times, and Memebox delivered (judging by the lack of boxes, Dear Memebox team maybe you wanna hire me?!)

So you can probably figure that I was left with no choice but pick it up as soon as it went up on their site. This box have encountered few problems: it was delayed, and some people didn't get innisfree product as promised in the spoilers, so it has created quite a stir.. I, however, had absolutely no problem with it, since it takes at least a month to get it for me anyway, so couple more weeks of waiting didn't bother me too much. And ohh how happy I am with the contents of the box.

I was very jealous for the Cream Cheese Bounce Cream, yes, you have read it correctly, which has already been sent out in the . I wasn't able to find it in any other stores, so I am so excited to have the cream in my hands. I realize the title sounds rather weird, but it's consistency does really remind of the cheese, or though in my eyes it reminds melting mozzarella more than the cream cheese.

Then the controversial Innisfree peeling. I sometimes have a wine phase, where everything resembling wine, or skincare or/and makeup items having "wine" in the title, makes me obsess over them. This bottle of peeling looks like a mini wine bottle, and I am not quite sure if I will ever have a heart to open it :) . But I am very happy for it being in the box, and if there is a girl who can't have enough peelings/scrubs, it is definitely me!

Staying on the topic of peels, there is a MangChee mask, having very luxurious appearance and from the information card seeming to be for sensitive and dull skin, I can't wait to try it. For some reason, my eyes get caught anything with "mango" in them recently, so I am so happy to have this in the collection now.

Then there is a hand cream. I am not a vivid hand cream user, I rather use it when I remember it, not because I have to. my hands very rarely get so dry, that it is calling for some therapy, so most of them ends up by my mom's bedside. However this one might be just too extraordinary to give up, and I might take it to work, since I find I use hand creams more often there.

I sometimes wish they would just stop with sunscreens. Granted, Blanc Doux Pinot Noir one has a very high end looking packaging, it is small to fit in any makeup bag, and would decorate bathroom shelf as well. I am very bad at using sunscreen, even in summer, but maybe if I keep it in my travel bag and take it with me, I might start using it more often.. We will just see.

And of course, sheet masks! I don't ever call myself and expert, but I still can't believe I didn't know, that Tony Moly were making sheet masks nor that they the wine masks was a thing, so I can't complain to add it to my sheet mask collection! I like that they included two of them (yes, I am going to torture Stumble Puppy), and it promises to take care of my pores, so I can't wait to try.

What do you think? Which product would you be most inclined to try? Have you gotten any subscription boxes recently? Do let me know!

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