Dessert Essence Exfoliating pads


I have mentioned the exfoliating pads on my Skin Care turnaround post, but have decided, that this is rather exceptional product to write a separate blog post about. I don't know about you, but I like to experiment, and it happens quite often. When making a decision to choose something: let's say flavor of chocolate, I tend to go after weird combinations. So I guess decision to choose this product, when stumbling upon it on iherb page, might have been influenced by its oddity.

I have to admit, this is a weird product. I have a feeling, that it is pretty much a hit or a miss. I can tell you right now, if you have sensitive skin or teary eyes, don't even think about it, it will burn! It has a strong tea tree oil scent, if you get it too close to the eyes, it is quite stingy, but I personally I like it.

I don't know about you, but I personally hate cotton rounds. I find them too cottony (is that even a word?), I feel like small pieces of cotton sticks to my face, and even thinking about it makes me cringe. So the fact that is comes already soaked in the essence, is a huge plus in my eyes. It works wonders too, and it lets you to see, whether your cleanser does its job properly. Sometimes you can be surprised, how much dirt is getting picked up by those little rounds!

They are in no means supposed to be used as a makeup remover step, they would simple be too harsh for that, but as a toner, or maybe even as an extra step after exfoliating it does wonders! The texture of them is slightly rough, but I don't find it harsh at all, and I feel like it rejuvenates and replenishes my skin. Don't take my word for it, since I am no expert, but I would think, that this would be perfect for acne pro skin and much more gentle than the salicylic acid! If you don't have sensitive skin and like interesting products, do give this one a try!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

P.s. Me and Stumble Puppy is enjoying each other, so the post is pre-schedulled, so sorry if I am not here to reply to comments.

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