My Current Natural Products Wishlist, #1

Good morning!

I find it the hardest to keep up with Sunday Specials category, since it needs quite a lot of inspiration, and sometimes even an effort, as well as thinking, because I would like to keep it as much as possible connected to my original direction of the blog, and at least make it about beauty, health or stay with natural topic.

At the moment I am reading a genius book, called Not Just a Pretty Face by Stacy Malkan (please do let me know if you would like me to review that after I am done reading). However, that book makes me question the ingredients of my owned beauty products even more, and realize, that I want to stay away from common brands. Inevitably, I have been wondering if I could, and if so, how, to change my everyday use products to natural ones. Also, I realized, I have totally failed to deliver the promised natural gift giving guide (I will be better next year), so this is my current natural cosmetics wishlist. If this will be an interesting topic, I might update it once in blue moon.

For my wishlist, I have tried to build up a set of products, which would take care of most of your body parts, plus a basic skincare routine, so hopefully it might be an inspiration for beginners as well, if they don't know where to start. Also, with the exception of Pai exfoliator, and Anne Borlind serum, I have kept it under 25$, but the wishlist is called as it is for a reason, right?

Skin2Spit Caffeine Eyewhip| Pai Skincare Brightening Exfoliator|Annmarie Gianni Facial Citrus Mint Cleanser| Schmidt's Bergamot&Lime| Annemarie Borlind Beauty Pearls| Phb Beauty Natural Shampoo| Antipodes Moisture Boost

So from left to right, we have a Skin2Spit eye cream, which I would love to try, mostly purely to the fact it says Vanilla and Coffee on the label, and something tells me it must be divine! Next on the list is Pai skincare exfoliator. I would like to try it because it sounds like a luxury product suited for pampering sessions on a cold winter evening. Once I am done with my cleanser, I would like to acquire Annmarie Gianni citrus Mint Cleanser, because I had a sample of it and loved it, and also the scent sounds very very appealing to me. As I discovered trying out Marmozel product, natural deodorants work wonders for me, therefore next on the list, is the Schmidt's one. I am a sucker for packaging, so when I saw AnneMarie Borlind Beauty pearls somewhere, I knew I had to try it at some point. I am always in search for a good natural shampoo (not with much luck yet), so I am curious to see how would PHB Beauty one work. Then I stumbled upon Antipodes Moisture Boost, and I am not sure why, but I just knew I would love to try it out.

I wasn't sure if I should leave it just like this, or if I should included makeup items as well.. I think, I might as well. However, I am not quite competent in this field, I don't understand ingredients fully yet, and I am not quite sure where to look for new exciting brands/items, so any suggestions are more than welcome. Side note: stupid new hair color, none of my existing lippies suit me anymore!

Anyhow, while trying to find what I would like, I realized, I know nothing about natural makeup brands, and if I would be asked to name a few, I would in the very best manage three, well, maybe five if I think really hard. So that's the topic I need to work on much more. But for now, I have found a few things from my memory and the mighty Google, and added it to my wishlist.

100% pure foundation | Pacifica Concealer | Dr. Hauscka Bronze Concentrate | 100% Pure blush | MyChelle Eye shimmer | PHB Beauty Lipgloss | Faerie Organic Mascara

I guess due to my lack of knowledge, there are two products of the same brand, but it is quite hard to find natural liquid foundation and the blush in a pressed form. I have nothing against mineral makeup in powder form, but I am a clumsy idiot and can't be trusted with those.

So I would love to try 100% pure foundation, and I would hope it wouldn't be too dark for me and not too heavy coverage. Please educate me on the natural pressed blush assortment, since for now I only know 100% Pure one, and therefore it is on the list. Then we have Dr. Hauscka Bronzer, which I have had my eye on even before I started getting into the natural products ocean. Maybe I will give this to myself as an Easter present, we will see. At some point whole YouTube community were going bananas over MyChelle products, but I never even took a glance at them, but this eyeshadow looks to be a perfect color and form for me. I have accidentally found PHB beauty brand, but for some reason all of their products seem to be appealing to me, and I feel like I want to buy it all, so don't be surprised to see a haul post in the next post, but for now, I had to limit myself to including only their lipgloss in the list. I don't know how, but I discovered Faerie organic brand on the inter-webs, have ordered their sample kit, and meanwhile my skin doesn't really agree with their mineral foundation, doesn't mean I don't want to try their other products. And lastly, but not least, Pacifica concealer. I have heard quite many praises towards the brand, and besides their solid perfume, I would love to try their concealer as well. I am particularly interested in it being in a tube, since all other ones I know are hard pressed, and I find it being too solid and therefore creasing on me.

Tell me, what is on your list? Do you think you have a product I might want? Do tell me in the comments. Have a wonderful Sunday!

P.s. Sorry if this post seems to be rushed or slightly all over the place, but Stumble Puppy is coming tonight and I can't have a straight mind..

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