YinYang Kaolin mask, review

Hello hello!

I am not bragging, just stating the obvious which bloggers tend to hide by default, but we get products sent to try out. Some of them we choose ourselves, some brands choose for us - either by our skin types, skin concerns, or by their best selling product. Even though sometimes we get sent products for free, by no means are we obligated to praise them. However, no one stops us when we do love the product from A to Z.

So let me introduce with dithyrambs such a product, YinYang Skincare Kaolin Face mask. I am quite an advocate for clay masks in any form, but I feel like powdery ones are just too much of the work, and stress trying to get the perfect consistence, and not to leave a messy bathroom floor, so when I saw a clay mask in a bottle, I knew from the first glance, that I had to try it.

p.s. again sorry for photo quality, i will see if i can get my coworker to sell me the lights!

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but oh how wrong I was! Let's start with the packaging, admittedly it is not the first possibility which would come to my mind to contain kaolin mask, but I find this idea genius! Except for the fact that sometimes you need to use more strength to get product out of the packaging, and to catch it before it hits the floor. Anyhow, so many props goes to the packaging!

Secondly, the consistency of this mask is really good as well, not too runny, not too hard to apply and disperse all over the face. Then the smell is divine, or although don't take my word for it, anything having an orange/neroli scent blows my mind - yup, I am that easy.

But what about the mask effect, you would ask? Even though, as I could understand from description it is aimed to fight acne, therefore would mostly fit teenager skins, but mine didn't mind it at the slightest either! After using this mask regularly (every two days or so), my skin felt smoother, if I had any rashes, it would be calmed down, and in general, it makes me feel like I have baby skin. I find it replenishing and hydrating as well, and it is very much a pampering item. You can buy it from their homepage for 13.95 with very reasonable shipping prices!

This is highly recommended, and if you are in search of that one face mask, do give this a try! do you have a favorite mask? Do use homemade masks? Do let me know in the comments bellow!

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