Memebox: Scrub box, #1

Hello guys!

It seems like Memebox have started cutting back on their boxes, and ventured out, concentrating on developing Memeshop much more. I have been an ebay addict for quite a long, so this aspect of Memebox doesn't really interest me too much. As you could imagine, this has caused quite a stir in the Memeboxoholics world, and is perceived with much controversy. Some people don't mind it, and some are rather disappointed. I am one on the fence because as I said, I don't really need any single Korean products, and regarding the boxes, I don't mind a small break seeing that I am on a tight budget this month-or any upcoming ones, to be frank, and I am rather overwhelmed since few of their boxes haven't lived up to my expectations.

That being said, this give me a window to blog about the boxes, which I have gotten quite a while ago and never gotten around to write about, but hopefully you don't mind.

I have to admit, I like scrubs. Both face and body scrubs, and I even use them more often than it is advised, gotta clean that dead skin flakes, you know? So I can't say I had lots of time before deciding whether to get this box. And I wasn't disappointed. Not only this box met my expectations, but I can safely say it exceeded them as well.

Body, face, even lip scrubs aren't news for anyone any more, but even so, this box has surprised me. Let's start with the mask. i am not sure it can technically count as a scrub, but it is a peeling mask, it smells of cereal and it will help to get rid off flaky dead skin, so I don't mind it being in the box at all.

Then we have a body scrub, which from the looks of it, is just a generic one and I guess it is silly to complain about the body scrub being in a scrub box, but I would have liked something more exciting, okay? :) Like scent, texture or even color wise, don't judge me!

Then we have a facial scrub, which again doesn't seem too special, it has a nice citrusy smell and I haven't heard of the brand before, so I am kind of looking forward to trying that. That is, after I have used up my natural one, I have blogged about here.

Then there is a lip scrub. As mentioned above, it is not really very innovative product on it is own, however I never seen one in the lip balm like packaging before, which I would say, makes it very easy to use without making a mess. Paired with the lip treatment from the Vitamin Care, is match made in heaven, leaving your lips smooth and hydrating.

No matter how much I am obsessed with skincare, and even though I remember to hydrate my hands, my feet tends to be overlooked. It might simply be due to the fact, that I don't own a proper bowl, nor do I have place where I could treat them to a nice foot spa once in a while. Hopefully now, when I got a foot scrub in a box, it could be a gentle reminder and they will get a treat once in a while.

So, so far those are pretty normal, interesting, but not unheard of products. The last product in the box is rather surprising, not really having much to do with scrubs, but to be honest, I don't mind this being in the box, because I am dying to try it! I guess this product should be perfect for those having an itchy scalp, or using many products to style the hair, to get rid off the residue..

This was rather impressive box, and can we please all beg Memebox to come back on the market with the new boxes??

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