Skincare Turnaround, #1

Hello guys!

I have raised myself a goal, which I have already failed anyway, so this is not an official announcement, but rather a statement, that I will try to blog as often as I can (did someone say Blogmas?), but I can't promise anything, seeing that my migraine seems to be showing its presence again, and the pill which seems to help, turns me into a melting snowman...

However, I am gonna start slowly, and see how it goes. People ask me, what my skincare routine is, but to be honest, I don't really have one, because I constantly get new things, and switch them up, so I would just be calling this Skincare Turnaround, and I might write a similar post to this every or every second month.

This month I am using/trying out following products in the mornings: Rossi Skincare balancing cleanser, Beoti Hyaluronic essence, Marmozel serum, and Siera Bees Calendula Cream, which I have reviewed here. I have been working either very early or very late shifts last days, so I can't be bothered with makeup, therefore I am using fewer products in the morning.

Same goes for the evening, when you get home at 12 a.m., the least you wanna do is spend hours in the bathroom. If I happen to have some makeup on, I would use Planter's micellar gel to remove it, then use Lush Buche de Noel cleanser, which I love for its effects, but the convenience of using it is questionable, then if I have had foundation on, I would use Dessert Essence exfoliating pads-detailed review coming up later on, follow it up with Honey Propolis Serum, Beoti Coenzyme Q10 Essence and Vivi Intensive hydrating cream. However, I feel like I might swap essences around and let the hyalorunic acid do its job over the night :)

I know for some of you it might seem like a lot of steps, but my goal is to develop a balanced, Korean inspired skincare routine, which can be up to 12 steps, I have heard, that, if done properly, it does miracles to the skin.

You have probably noticed, that I don't use a toner, and there is one simple reason behind that, I can't find a good, yet natural one, which don't contain alcohol in it, and floral waters just simply don't cut it for me...So, if you have any good recommendations, please please do tell me in the comments bellow?

P.s. I am sorry this is just a short post, but I thought I would share! Have a wonderful day!

P.P. s Terribly sorry for awful photos, sadly I can't control the daylight and levels of gloominess!

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