Sunday specials: L'officiel magazine introduction

Good morning, guys!

I am afraid I might jinx this a great deal, so can we please knock on wood all together? It is quite low season at work at the moment, and I find myself raising a question "what to do?" while at it more and more often..When all the forums and emails are checked, blogs read, online shops checked, gossips heard, and heart let out, but when I can't quite concentrate on a book, I turn to magazines. I like to read them not only as a way to spend time, but also for generating new ideas for upcoming blog posts or as a way to get to know new brands I never knew existed. I buy magazines quite often, and sometimes (more times than I would like to) face issues such as obvious grammar errors, articles I have read months ago on some foreign site, or even fake "readers" letters. I sometimes get an opportunity to read UK magazines, but how many times can I go there and/or beg Stumble Puppy to get me some? So, obviously, I try to search for good quality magazines that have interesting content as well. If you have seen one or two issues of L'officiel you would probably agree with me, that it is one of the best magazines found in Lithuania at the moment. It is presented as a fashion magazine, but I won't be lying telling you that it is suited for any age group - starting from the teens and ending with the elder ladies, who haven't lost the interest of what is going on in the world.

I am probably rambling way too much, but why do you think my blog title is as it is and not something different? In the magazine you can find various type of articles, such as reports from Fashion Shows, interviews with famous (or not so much) interesting people, season tendencies, book recommendations and so much more. They also write about unique business ideas, sometimes you can find an article about perfume and their creators, I usually read those with so much pleasure...

Apparently, it is very hard to write a review about a magazine, so let me just choose a few snapshots to illustrate the type of articles they have.. And before you freak out about copy right, I do have their permission - kind of :)..

All copyrights belong to the magazine. Photos are used here for informational purposes.

Also, I find it rather unique how easy the option of subscribing is, it is right there for you, on their Facebook page, and we do know how much people value things being served for them on the plate. It is inactive at the moment for some reason, but I do promise it works. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven't read this magazine yet, you will give it a try! :)

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