Ziaja moisturizing Cacao Cream

Hello guys!

I am going to do something, what all bloggers tend to do once in a while, and start by stating an obvious thing: winter is coming. Not only is the weather getting cold, but there are also increasing amount of people sneezing and blowing their noses all around you, me including, so forgive me for putting off the natural gift giving guide for few more days, and meanwhile let me blog about something else. Okay, I will just pretend that it haven't started snowing just two days after I wrote this sentence.

Together with winter, my body skin is getting crazy, I swear I can tell you when the weather will drop drastically in the temperature, since my legs start to feel insanely dry, and itchy and I can't stop scratching them. My lovely Stumble Puppy is such a supporting guy, that when I complained to him about that, he told me "well, isn't that a perfect opportunity to blog about moisturizer?". Well, so it is, and here I am proudly presenting you Ziaja Moisturizing Cacao Cream.

I have heard mixed reviews from my fellow bloggers, so this might just be one of those products, which you either love or loath. I do belong to the first category. Or though I have to admit that my first impression reminded me of an edible cacao butter (not a real thing, but the one sold in the diary isle in the grocery store), my Lithuanian readers, do you remember that, and the foreign ones, do you even know that exists? So even though, the look and consistency of this cream reminds me a lot of that weird thing, I am still enjoying it a lot. I find that it works best, when applied on the very damp skin, just straight out of the shower, I really love the smell, I think that consistency is very lovely, and easy to smear yourself into. Moreover, it does moisturize really well and I don't need to scratch my legs for at least 12 hours.

Does your skin start acting up in winter times? What's your favorite moisturizer? Can you recommend me a natural one? Do let me know in the comments down bellow!

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