Chocolate on my blog, part 2!

Not really though, this is just an unboxing and first impression type of review of my beloved Memebox, Chocolate Mania. I do have a tiny bone with Memebox to pick, because some of their boxes has been rather low quality recently, so much that I got pissed in the middle of unboxing and didn't even finish looking of what was in there (yes Just Gellin', you had so much potential), it disappointed me greatly!

However, this box has met and over exceeded the expectations. As I probably have mentioned on my Cacao box review, I love chocolate. Actually if I need to be honest with you, I am addicted to chocolate. There is rarely a day or two when I go without any chocolate, and sometimes even at work, if we have been having a long or stressful day you can hear me asking coworkers if someone has any...So when Memebox came with Chocolate Mania box, you knew it before they published it on their site that I had to get it! And no, it hadn't disappoint.

I really wanted to publish the review this Wednesday, so as soon as postal system said it was in the post, I went to pick it up which has angered post woman a great deal, but what does she know, she hasn't earned that chocolate I had prepared for her.. As for my chocolate, I unpacked this box at work (sincere apologies to the Stumble Puppy, he likes unboxings over skype) and I could barely resist slapping everything on my face right there and then.. Only the fact that I wasn't alone in the office stopped me from doing so, but I dug in as soon as I came home.

Let's look at the contents. Can we start with the least exciting product in the box? Soap and subscription boxes in my head doesn't go together at all! It is rather boring and too much of everyday item, but it does look like a cookie and smells lovely, and as subscription card says, you can use it on your face, so I will definitely give it a try.

Okay, I lied. This was the second worst product in the box. There also was an eyebrow pencil, which, I feel, despite it's name "Choco Brownie", has nothing to do with the box. Even worse, I have extremely weird and sparse eyebrows, which are allergic to anything, so I can't as much as even touch them without getting a red flares or an allergic reaction, so this will be passed along to a friend.

All other things were really interesting, some brands I have heard of and used and adored in the past, and some were new, and that's the beauty of subscription boxes. Let's start with the Skinfood hand balm. I don't know about you, but I find this packaging absolutely lovely, it is compact, both to fit into your handbag or on the night dresser.

Then there is Missha Cacao and Cream facial scrub. I love facial scrubs, I might or might have not be using them more often than advised, and if it is chocolate scented, trust me, this is going to find a place in my bathroom within a hand reach.

And then there were brands unknown to me, but very intriguing nevertheless. Let's start by the Magic Black Cacao Chocolate Pack. Whoever named this, knew how to melt a chocoholics heart. I have spent couple of days trying to figure out, why this sounds so exciting to me, but I still can't. I don't know if it is a title, or red/gold packaging or nice squeezable tube, but this excites me greatly. The consistency makes application slightly messy, but that can be fixed by applying it with the brush, the color is questionable, but it has gold shimmer inside, but anyhow it is advised to send the other half out for icecream while you enjoy the mask.

Koreans wouldn't be Koreans if they wouldn't come up with strange combinations, and better yet, put them into the skincare. In my eyes this is quite a weird product: avocado and cacao massage cream. My first question when reading this, was: which body part do I apply this to??!! and excitement when I realized I can put it on my face, so I would classify this as a quick face mask type of thing. Another thought which has been stalking me, is "avocado and cacao?? avocado and chocolate? I might just have to try that!!!". Yup. I am weird.

I am a sucker for packaging, and in my humble opinion from the outside Gold Cacao Cream looks rather cheap, so I might have had a disappointing facial expression, but as soon as opened it to smell and have tested the consistency on my hand, I think I might have felt in love from the first sight. In the tube it looks rather thick and heavy, but it does sink in the skin very quickly and might be a perfect cream for winter months. It also feels very luxurious and those couple of times I tried it, I felt like I just left a salon after facial.

And of course, how without a sheet mask. You would think I have enough sheet masks right about now, but nope, and you will see what I mean in a couple weeks..

P.s. The author of this blog doesn't take any responsibility if you have a huge craving for chocolate right now, and can't get it due to various reasons, nor does author compensates you for expense if the post got you flying to the store and getting too much chocolate.

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