Vivi Face Washing Foam review

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Can we all please just ignore the elephant in the room? Yes I do talk about this gap to the right, as you can see, I am trying to implement some changes in my blog, but sometimes my knowledge and googling (go away language editor, that is a word!) skills aren't enough.. So please bare with me while I get this sorted..

Sometimes I get hooked to one type of beauty product, and can't stop buying it and comparing with the others I have. For the longest time it used to be face masks, right now it seems like I have been leaning toward foaming face washes. I am not sure why - maybe I just realized I have too many masks by now, but it seems to be a phase at the moment. From the latest tendency, next would be hand creams.. However, when it comes to writing a review of a cleanser, be it foam, cream or oil, I feel quite conflicted. What attributes does a good cleanser have anyway?

So, when I saw Vivi facial foam at that Beauty Expo, I had to take a plunge and buy it to try it out. I have had quite a while of time to try it out, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to wrap up Lithuanian manufacturers week. Vivi has two types of foaming washes: the one with silk proteins (I own that) and another one with roses. I am not a fan of rose scent, so the choice was rather easy :). From the info I have on the products, I can gather, that the wash with peptides would be more suitable for younger, acne prone, sensitive skin and the rose one is probably for normal/combination/mature skin judging from the ingredients, but don't quote me on that.

Hey! Don't judge me, the bear demanded to be present in this photo, it has quite a mind of its own..

For some reason the smell in any skincare products are an essential property for me, so even though the product does wonders, if I can't overcome a scent, I won't use it. However, this foam has a very pleasant, not too overpowering or too medicinal smell, for some reason I do smell almonds there, even though there is no almond oil in the ingredients list. Also it has lactic acid in the ingredients list together with the aloe vera, and as I found out those are essential ingredients for dry and dehydrated skin. I can honestly say, that my flakiness has reduced significantly together with the use of Marmozel serum. I know that general advice is to stay away from foaming cleansers if you have dry skin due to alcohol drying it out, but I feel like oils in the ingredients list restores skin balance very quickly and you don't have the annoying feel when you need to apply cream as soon as you washed the cleanser off your face. Also, I feel like it is a long-lasting product, because you only need one, or in fact, a half pump for whole your face. I can tell you I am rather impressed, and I will be repurchasing this product.

Have you ever tried foaming cleansers? Did you like it? Have you got one in your wish list? Do let me know in the comment section bellow!

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