Sunday Specials. Pillow talk.

Good afternoon, girls!

I specifically say girls in this post, because I want to start with a disclaimer: this is going to be a very girlish topic, maybe slightly gross for some; so if you have no interest in feminine products, and feel uncomfortable reading about them, please leave now.

For those who don't mind, and are curious about girly things, and topics which would occur over slumber parties - and yes, adults do have slumber parties, in fact I am having one next Friday, make a cup of tea or coffee, and join me.

I would never thought I would have an opportunity to try out and review (if I like it) feminine hygiene products on my blog. In fact, it took me over two months - hence the date stamp on the photos to overcome my shyness, and finally get around to typing up and publishing this post. I was very curious, and I had to take the chance. I can't say I am feeling very comfortable branching out to those topics, but sometimes you do need to experiment and I am very curious how this post would be perceived. To tell you the truth, I have already tried Gentle Day pads before, and even though I liked them, I tended to reach for some other brands, maybe because Gentle Day tends to be on higher shelves, or I get pulled over by an offers going in one or the other store.. However, since I had it at home, I took my time to test them out, and I am not sure if I will ever be able to come back to any others.

To start with, they are made with high quality material, aren't bleached nor perfumed, therefore it won't cause allergic reactions. Secondly, when regularly using both menstrual and every day pads, I have noticed, that unpleasant smell has decreased significantly. Even though the price is slightly higher than other brands, I notice I don't need to change them out as often, therefore it pays off at the end. Also, I am not sure if this is placebo, or if those anion strips really do work - I haven't done a scientifically research, but I feel like it helps to reduce cramps, especially on the first days.

I have also gotten some tampons to try out, but I never was tampon kind of gal, so I am slightly hesitant, I might try them at some point and report back, but for now I would stick with the pads..

You can buy Gentle day products essentially in every grocery store, pharmacy or/and drugstore. My foreign readers can buy their pads on their international store here. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, you can also buy it online, and from what I saw, you can even get a set of particular products, which would not only hook you up for quite a while, but it seems to be a good value as well, and I am honestly telling you this is what I will be investing in after my next month's paycheck.

Have you guys ever tried Gentle Day products? What do you think? Would you say its worth the hype? Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

P.s. please don't run away screaming and come back for other posts? :)

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